Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspirations, Blessings and Love

I received an awesome letter in the mail yesterday from the inmate that I have been writing back and forth to. He sent me a little piece of paper that said, God Bless You. On the back of it he wrote: Amy, just to remind you that you and your family are in my prayers, daily. And, that in my opinion, this world would be so much better off if there were more people like you. I could not help but to smile. It makes me feel so good to know that God brought this poor soul into my life so that I could be an inspiration to him. He had stated in his last letter that he has been doing a lot of crying lately. He misses his 17 year old daughter and it is tearing him apart inside. Honestly he should not still be in prison. Thankfully he only has 3 more years to go. His case was all about hanging out with the wrong people and it takes off from there. I may not be able to do much for him. Knowing that he has someone to write to is such a big deal to him. I am thankful that I chose to respond to his letter and very thankful to know I can make him smile.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my mother-in-law. In the email she said that she reads my blogs and is so proud of the positive person I am.

I got a phone call from Melinda who thanked me for being an inspiration to her and helping her get her mind back down to earth...LOL! Hey, we all need that sometimes.

Heather made me a card and expressed how thankful she is for me.

Jamie emails me at least once a week to tell me she loves me.

Diane, well she doesn't need to say anything since she thanks me every time we get off the phone..LOL!May I add that we talk 50 times a day??

Jenny, she is ALWAYS there for me. She loves to throw out Goosfraba and make me laugh.

Jenn (sister-in-law) likes to throw Goosfraba out there too and has made a point to be there whenever I need her.

Rita, I know she loves me...LOL!

Buffy has told me more than once that she feels blessed to have me in her life.

My mom has said recently how proud she is of who I have become and tells me she loves me all the time.

I feel like I am floating on air. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such expressive, appreciative, and kind people in my life. It has made me more expressive as well. It is always good to tell people the impact they have on your life. I am so happy to know that The Secret has worked for me in being able to be an inspiration to others. I know I am strong and I know I am loved. I hope that my friends and family know how much I love and appreciate them as well. I am so grateful and so blessed. Thank you for expressing your feelings to me. It really helps keep me positive and going after my dreams.

Today I am thankful for:
getting closer to achieving my dreams....every day (thanks for making me aware of that Jenny)
my positive outlook on life
my children
my friends
my family
Todd (the inmate)
The Power of Prayer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Tired Today?

I played The Secret memory game again this morning. This is the quote I got:

As you become more and more aware of how you are feeling, you will become more aware of your words and thoughts. It gets easier and easier. And so you when you hear yourself say something you don’t want, just restate what it is you do want. For example, a common thing that people say is, “I am tired”. If you say that with the whole day ahead of you, you are ordering up from the universe a tough day full of fatigue. So I would change those words to something like, “I am now drawing in unlimited energy. I am feeling more energized with every second. I feel amazing.” All of your power with the law of attraction is now, and by intensely feeling what you want, you can change anything.

I needed this today. I have been more sleepy than usual. Mostly due to my cat Chloe meowing in my face every morning between the hours of 4am and 5am. And, Makenna keeps getting up at 7:20-7:30 no matter what time she goes to bed. This teething thing can end any time now. LOL! Normally she sleeps until 8:30am or later. Don't get me wrong, normally I can get up at 7:30am with minimal issues. Chloe making me get out of bed is what is making it hard. If I close my door she meows outside of it. Chloe loves to be outside when it is nice out. Unfortunately she comes in at night to sleep then wants to go out very early in the morning. I guess because I am her mommy, it is me that she feels compelled to wake up. This is not a quick thing either. Because I am letting her out the dog needs to go out for his morning pee and poop which takes 5-10 minutes. Of course by the time this saga is over I am wide awake. I think I am going to try keeping Chloe outside tonight to see if this fixes the issue. I need to use this quote today to help me feel energized. I hope it helps you throughout your day as well.

What I am thankful for today:
Being an inspiration
Rita for bringing Makenna ice cream yesterday
my cats, even when they drive me crazy!
going green
the nice weather
Scrapping The Music Challenge
bare feet
painted toes
my health
The Secret
the quote I got today

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Master Your Metabolism

Recently I started reading this book called: Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. Jillian is one of the trainers on the reality show Biggest Loser. Battling with hormone issues since I was 15 years old, talking to doctors, taking medications and so 35 years old I do not feel like I have gotten anywhere. Tired of having my weight fluctuate, my mood swing, experiencing things women in menopause experience since my teenage years had me seeking for more answers. This book seems to have the answers I have been searching for for so many years.

Little did I know that your metabolism is controlled by your hormones. Did you know that? I never knew that. I just thought it was something we were born with or that was genetic. Genetics can play a part in your metabolism however, what we eat is what really controls it. I am going to share with you some tid bits of the book. However, I highly recommend reading it for yourself. Jillian was always chubby as a child, her parents using food as comfort is what kept her in that state. Turning to coffee, skipping meals. counting calories, and working out at the gym 2 hours A DAY as an adult then seeing herself aging in her twenties, made her research everything she writes in this book. Of course she was skinny, but she was also beating up her body. Being thin is not that hard nor should it be. And, this is why she wrote this book. She now only exercises 5 hours a week which is nothing like what she used to.

Tips from Jillian:
1. Stay away from artificial sweeteners
2. Stay away from Soy products
3. Eat only Organic foods (pesticides and other chemicals can make our hormones go into meltdown mode, raise Cortisol in woman and keep our cells from reproducing properly.
4. Go easy on the Starchy Veggies (potatoes, corn, peas)
5. Stay away from: juice, soda, iced teas, lemonade and, specialty coffee drinks and stick with WATER
6. Stay away from FAT FREE FOOD (fat is healthy for us and most fat free food contains more sugar!)
7. Eat a handful of nuts a day (Purchase the shelled ones if you know you will over eat them. Keeping them in the shell takes longer to open and eat which will keep you from eating too many.)
8. Eat slowly
9. Eat more colorful fruits and veggies
10. Eat more dark green-leafy veggies
11. Eat berries and whole grains
12. Include more detoxers in your diet: garlic, onions, leeks, chives, shallots and scallions
13. Limit yourself to one to two cups of coffee per day
14. Eat the skins of apples, plums, and other edible fruit skins. Sometimes the best source of vitamins is actually in the skins!
15. Eat your fiber, daily
16. The worst candy to eat.....Licorice. Stay away from it....period.
18. Do not skip meals!
19. Healthiest meat.....chicken.

To find out why she lists the above, you must read the book for yourself. She goes into the reasons for everything. Her knowledge is unbelievable. She knows what each food and chemical does to ones body, hormones and metabolism. These tips above are only a few of what she has in her book. I hope they help you start your way to a healthier you and for your children. Now that I know what I am putting in my kids mouths, I am definitely going to be more aware of what they eat.

Jenny and I went for an hour and a half walk last night, went to Giant and purchased the Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches. I have to say....they ROCK! And, all those chemicals that are put into the processed foods were not in there!! From now on I am walking down the organic isle before heading anywhere else in the grocery store.

I am thankful for:
Organic food
ice cream sandwiches
long walks with Jenny
the nice weather
my new book
a healthier lifestyle
my health
my children's health
my friends
my store
new customers
Hellertown Farmers Market
a great day today
a great night tonight!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts of Perfection

I played the memory game on This is the quote I received:

Think thoughts of perfection. Illness cannot exist in a body that has harmonious thoughts. Know there is only perfection, and as you observe perfection you must summon that to you. Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all humanity’s ills, including disease, poverty, and unhappiness. When we think negative thoughts we are cutting ourselves off from our rightful heritage. Declare and intend, “I think perfect thoughts. I see only perfection. I am perfection.

My friend Jenny and I joke around and send each other emails throughout the day saying I AM PERFECTION then laugh about how conceited we sound. There is no perfect person....but then what defines one as being perfect? What one may consider a perfect person, another may disagree. It is only our opinion what defines someone as perfect.

What this quote means to me personally is that if we think perfect thoughts such as; I am healthy, I am energy, I am on time, I am wealthy and so can we be anything but those things? We are what we think we are and we will continue to be those things because we are not allowing ourselves to think any different.

Like I wrote yesterday: if we keep putting things in future tense they will always stay in the future. Act like you are healthy, wealthy, on time......already.

Today I thank you for:
my health (have not been sick since I read the book)
my store
my family
my friends
the nice weather
time with Makenna
my overabundance of time
my day off today

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Help Others and See positive Things in Your Own Life.

Today's Daily Teaching is "No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another."

How many people these days seem so wrapped up in their own life? I think to some degree we all are. No matter what, I feel that we need to 'fill' ourselves up with joy first before we can make anyone else happy. And while that may be the truth I still know that there is nothing like the feeling of giving to someone else and helping others.

Once I read The Secret, my eyes opened into a whole new way of thinking. I started realizing that the only good in life is what we see and what we make of it. I started seeing that there are honest, good people in the world that do care about strangers. I have seen people come and go, some come back some do not. Guess who comes back....the people who look at life just as I do. Honestly I no longer want negative people in my store or in my life. If we chose to allow it into our lives and listen to people complain constantly, we will only be bringing more of that negativeness into our own lives. Because we cannot totally get away from these people, we need to be grateful for the positiveness we have in our lives. Before you know it, being an inspiration will be annoying to those who are not ready to live a positive lifestyle. And, this is ok. Not everyone likes change nor wants too. Later in life they may look back and wonder why they waited so long to change for the better. Maybe they will continue to live miserable thinking that there is no way out. Whatever the case, no one can be responsible for their life but themselves.

Jenny bought me an awesome Grateful Journal. In time, I will be purchasing this for everyone I know. Just in the last two days of using this I have seen a drastic change in myself and my life. It came right at the time that I read the Daily Teaching:
Einstein told us that time is just an illusion. When you understand and accept that there is no time, you can see that whatever you want in the future already exists. That is why when you write, imagine, or speak of your desire, you should use the present tense. Radiate your desire in your mind, heart, and body and see it as here now.

What I got from that is: If we keep putting things in future tense than it will always remain in the future.

If we want to receive anything we need to make believe that we already have it. And, we absolutely need to say thank you a million times a day! If we show gratitude, things we want will happen faster because we appreciate. We also have to help others and give. I have written this before but somehow it doesn't seem to sink in to some. Lucky for me I have surrounded myself with people who are looking to help others in every way possible. Obviously it doesn't have to be money that you are giving.

Put yourself in these situations and tell me what you would do.....
If you saw two elderly ladies coming towards a door, would you race to open it for them or just let them get it?

If you saw someone's child has snot running down their face, would you turn away or would you offer the child a tissue?

If your neighbor was having trouble shoveling their car out of the snow, would you help or just let them do it alone?

See where I am going? There is ALWAYS a way that we can help others. It can be so simple yet have such a great impact on your life.

Every night I write in my Grateful journal. This is my new goal. On one side of the page you are to write what you are grateful for now. The other side is where you write your grateful intentions. You do not need this journal to do this. If you are to start this at home, make sure you word your statements starting with, 'thank you', or 'I am grateful for'. When you are walking to take your shower say thank you with each step. Embrace the new day with gratefulness and you are only setting yourself up to a wonderful positive day.

Daughtry has a wonderful song out there right now called, What About Now. If you get the chance, look up the lyrics and watch it on

Thank you for:
my friends
my new customer
time alone
the heat
my clothes
my family
my grateful journal
peace within
my health
my store
free advertising
the cook out with my neighbors tonight
my overabundance of time
my children
my van
my flowers
chocolate cake
my new Premier Jewelry
my parents
my positive attitude
my new haircut
my life

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PartyLite and Inspiration!!

Today has been a very busy day. I came into work at 10am and by 11:30 was on the phone with my PartyLite leader getting training for the starter show I had today. Thinking that it was only going to take me an hour to get to this party, I left at 1:15 when the party was starting at 3:oo. Well, it took me an hour and a half. I was still in a great mood, and kept telling myself that this was going to be a GREAT show!! When I arrived I had exactly 20 minutes to set up and get Nicole ready for her starter show. Still I kept my cool, got my table ready, and people started coming in the door. 15 guests later.....Nicole is starting her PartyLite business with an $800 show. Since the show is not closed yet, there is a great chance that the amount will be higher. I was so proud of her for getting all of those people there AND she had about $300+ in outside orders! Nicole is very motivated and a lot like me. She will make herself a goal and run after it. I know she will do great at this. Like me, Nicole has a full time job....however hers is an hour drive from her home. If I can fit PartyLite into MY life, anyone can. And, because of this Nicole knew that this job was for her.

Kate....well I have to say she inspired me soooooooo much today. This woman has no clue how much I love and adore her. Recently she had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I was on the phone with her the day before as we were both in tears....she was fearful. By the end of our conversation on that day, she was laughing. Now her surgery is over and she is undergoing the chemo treatments. Last night was the first time since her surgery that she went out and did a show. She went out covered in a rash from the treatments which itches like mad. And, she is on the verge of losing her hair. Actually her exact words were, " By next week I will look like Mrs. Clean." Of course we were laughing. My thought is, here is this woman not feeling well, scared not knowing if these treatments will work and she is still laughing and doing her PartyLite shows! Now she did say she has her ups and downs....totally to be expected. But, Kate refuses to complain, she refuses to let anything get her down. I pray and pray that I can be like her if I were to ever go through what she is. Her positive attitude is what will MAKE her survive. She is looking souly at all the good and allowing it to overtake the bad. She is a true inspiration.

What I am thankful for today:
PartyLite PartyLite PartyLite
Nicole (my newest sponsor)
Kate (my PartyLite Leader)
Diane for watching my store and putting tons of kits ROCK!
Linda for taking the kids so that Jer could help my brother build his house and I could work.
two new customers that I had this morning
my angels who helped me get to and from the PartyLite party safely
my GPS aka Auto Angel
15+ positive people all in one room!!
Promoting out to Team Leader in June!!!
my over abundance of time
the weather today
my working air conditioning at the store
knowing that even though I was running late for the party, forgot things, and spilled candles all over my car.....I STILL MADE THE BEST OF IT AND HAD A BLAST!
knowing that nothing in this world is worth complaining about...someone always has it worse than me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bit of Poetry

I have decided to share one of my favorite poems by my grandfather. I have been wanting to write a poem myself but I seriously have been suffering from writers block and lack of time. It takes me a while to write one and I do not like to leave it unfinished. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do.

I Send You Love

I send you love. What else have I to send?
Ah! Vanity of dreams! Should I pretend
To offer one, as bright as it might be,
Across the counters of reality,
Who would accept it as a payment for
The smallest gift? Where would I find a store,
Had I sufficient wealth to buy, that sells
Such things as gossamer's and silver bells,
The merchandise that poets can afford?
I, of all men, am poor, for I have poured
The sum of me, both what I am and own,
Into one throw of dice, and stand alone
In fate’s dim light with nothing left to spend.
I send you love. What else have I to send?

Written by:
Clarence Campbell

My grandfather wrote this for the love of his life. He was away from her for many years before he was able to be with her. I have many poems written by him that I will share periodically. Most are written for or about Edna.

One thing I have learned throughout my life is that when true love is present one is in love with another's spirit and soul. To me, being in love with someone's outter shell is simply infatuation. Our bodies change and we show our age. However, our spirit and our soul stay young if we allow them too. My grandfather and Enda were definitely in love with each other's spirit and soul. The rest was just a bonus.

Today I am thankful for:
inheriting my grandfathers poetry
the gift of writing
true friends
people who crack me know who you are!
Denise who visited my store yesterday for the first time
my flowers in my garden getting greener every day
my brother and sister-in-law getting their house built this weekend
Pepcid (Lord knows I needed it!)
signs from our angels
tears of joy
my mom for picking Gavin up from school tomorrow
Diane for watching my store on Saturday (and always being there for me)
my new PartyLite sponsor which will be qualified on Saturday!!!! WHOO HOO!
my new Nickleback and Daughtry CD's
Buffy for being concerned about me
the nice weather this weekend
my niece and nephew who I love to death and will have Saturday night
my kids
my dreams
my goals
my positive attitude
the ability to change any situation

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Teachings, Bad Situations & Good Positive Choices

I have to share with you today's Daily Teaching of The Secret. It says: We are all entirely free to choose whatever we want. The power is in your hands now, and YOU are the one who chooses how to use that power in your own life. You can choose: To have a happier life today, or put it off until tomorrow. What feels better? You choose.

Reading this makes me wonder why people who are not happy in certain situations just continue to stay there. The answer behind this: because they choose to. People choose to be in their awful stressful job. They also choose to stay in unhealthy relationships. Others just complain or find excuses to why they are either over or under weight. Some complain constantly about their lack of money or how they are always sick. Are they not getting the fact that the more they think negative things the more negative things they will bring into their life? I do not find this concept very hard to understand.

Look at every successful person out there, do you think they got where they are because all they did was think negatively? They may have at one time but they chose to turn their life around. Every person has a story, I have blogged about this before. Everyone has stress, everyone goes through times of being unhealthy, over or under weight, lack of self confidence, the feeling of being strapped with no money....EVERYONE. Ok, maybe not a 3 year old...LOL! Their time will come. In this economy I have heard more complaining than I ever had in my entire life. Guess what, it is normal. knew I was going to type that......

I have seen, met, talked too many people who have over come some awful circumstances in their life. Between divorce, cancer, losing jobs, losing a baby, losing a loved one, unknown illnesses, bankruptcy and so on. Most of you have experienced at least one of those things or more...including myself which has experienced most of them other than the cancer and unknown illnesses...thank God. I try very hard not to complain even when I am going through situations like those. It is impossible not to vent or complain at all. However, even through the tears, anger and all one is faced with, there is an end. We all need to focus on that. This brings me to yesterdays Daily Teaching:

To change our lives, at some point we have to decide that, rather than suffer anymore, we are going to live in happiness. And the only way we can do that is to make the decision to look for the things to appreciate, NO MATTER WHAT! (did you read that? Basically no matter how sad, angry or confused you may be, no matter how horrible the situation seems.....LOOK FOR THINGS TO APPRECIATE!) Why do you think I end my blogs with the things I am thankful for?

The rest of the teaching was....
As we begin to focus on the good and the brighter side of things, the law of attraction responds by sending back to us the exact photocopy of our new thoughts. And good things begin to appear. And then more good things, and then more......

So, if you find yourself 'stuck' in any situation it is because you are choosing to stay there. It doesn't matter if you are staying 'stuck' for reasons of what others will think, or the fear of what lies ahead for are still choosing to stay 'stuck'. You can come up with any excuse in the book to make staying in that situation easier...but it only lasts so long. It doesn't matter if it is your health, money, relationship, can all be changed if you choose to change it. Once again I will write all starts with one positive thought. To me, that isn't that hard.

I just had a customer in here tell me how sweet I am and how much of an inspiration I am to her. I have been hearing this a lot lately and it makes me feel like I am helping so many people in need. This customer has been through very similar situations as myself so I passed on The Secret to her. Immediately I saw a change in her for the better. Each time she comes in, she is smiling, life isn't as bad as it used to be, and everything that is still negative in her life....she turns into a positive thing. Not many people can do that. She just shared with me today that it would have been her wedding anniversary today, instead she was getting divorce papers in the mail. Of course she feels that her ex did this on purpose. However, she turned it around and said, "It's all good and I AM ok." How awesome is that? Here is a woman that is now a single mom of two, doesn't like her job and is living with her parents. Still she is able to look ahead and know that she will be ok. She left with the smile on her face saying that she will be back because she loves coming here. Most of you know that I do not take compliments well. I am working on this. I do feel wonderful to be able to be an inspiration to people who will allow me to be.

What I am thankful for today:
my customers
people who inspire me
the Daily Teachings
positive thinking
Cheryl for taking Makenna to the park today
positive conversation
standing in the rain with Jenny
the new book Jenny let me borrow
the Grateful journal that Jenny bought me
a good night's rest last night
staying healthy
my store
a good night's rest tonight

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy week and weekend...

All week I have been pondering on what to write about. There has been so much negativity that I wish I could block my ears off too however, the positive has definitely over come the negative. Believe me, there were a lot of Goosfraba moments this past week and weekend.

The customer who recently delivered her baby way too early actually came in to the store yesterday for some change of atmosphere. She has been at the hospital for weeks now for hours at a time. It was nice to see her smile. However, when the class was over we were all in tears over the video she had brought in of her, her husband and their baby. You are thinking "what is so positive about this?" Right? Well, I stepped out of the circle of women to see a circle of women, some who didn't even know this customer. I saw tears going out to this family, and then hugs with best wishes. Of course I had a lump in my throat as well. How awesome is it that complete strangers can come together for a family they do not even know? I sat down and thought, this woman and her husband are going to be ok. No matter what the outcome of this situation, they have a lot of people praying for them. Then I thought, there is so much everyone can sit and complain about that is actually so petty. Honestly I am tired of hearing negative things. This is a huge negative situation but it is far from petty. If we could all sit back and really listen to what we are complaining about, we would see that it doesn't compare to a family who is losing a child, a family who lost their home in a fire, someone who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and so on.... That moment yesterday made me thankful for so many things and made me know that I have nothing to complain about.

Today, I was blessed with the chance to have lunch with a good friend from school. Holly and I were good friends in middle school who went separate ways because of different classes. However, we continued to take dancing lessons and were in the same class. Holly now is the owner of the Dance Conservatory in Hellertown. It was so nice to reminisce the good old days. We laughed about guys we liked in 6th grade to the point of "marrying" their picture..LOL! Honestly neither of us can remember who married who. What is funny is that the guys we once chose are not anything we would want now..LOL! There is a reason why the Universe doesn't allow to have the person we think we want....thank God! It was so nice to see her. As usual, she is beautiful, sweet, level headed and funny. It was like no time had past between us. I am hoping that we can find the time to get together more often.

In The Secret it says to reconnect with old friends. I am glad that I joined facebook and am able to do just that. I am however finding it very hard to stay positive all the time. Just recently I read in the Daily Teachings that when you are trying to make your life more positive you will have your ups and downs. Thankfully this stage doesn't last long. I cannot wait until it is over!

Today I am thankful for:
getting together with old friends
bonding moments between strangers
the power of prayer
people who do not complain
Diane for watching Makenna so that I could go out with Holly
Red Robin
the rain
a full class yesterday
Holly's amazing jewelry (hopefully will be in my store soon!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Field Trip, Organizing, Jewelry Party and More!

It has been a busy week. Makenna turned 3 on Monday...I am still in shock over how fast she is growing up. Yesterday was one of the only days that I had to spend away from her for the entire day. At first it didn't bother me since I was so active in the morning with a field trip with Gavin's class. It was a very good trip. We went to a one room school house where my father went to school. It was nice to learn about the school, the memories that past students had shared there and the history of it all. The teacher who was doing the presentation did a very cool visual for the children of what life was like back in 1933 for the students who attended the school. Of course the lights were turned off since back then there was no electric in the school house. The kids could not believe how much more difficult it was to see. The teacher demonstrated what a day would be like in the classroom from start to finish. It was so awesome to see how one teacher managed a classroom from grades 2nd through 8th. We also go to experience what indoor recess was like on a rainy day. The kids got to play two games from the past in which they loved! They also got to eat their "lunch" which was really their snack, at their desk. The kids got to ask the teacher a lot of questions. One was, "Were there snow days?" I knew the answer to this because of my parents always complaining of walking to school in the snow. Of course the teacher answered, "No." The only way they had a snow day was if they walked all the way to school and the teacher didn't show up. This meant that some children had to walk 2+ miles to get to school only to turn around and go back the snow. I had to laugh since there will be days where I walk Gavin to school and he complains the entire way that his legs are tired...LOL! I am glad to know that all those times my parents used to complain about "walking to school, up hill (both ways, of course) in the snow and my mom had to where a skirt or dress...." were actually true statements. Here I thought all this time they were just trying to make our lives look so much more easier than wrong was I? LOL!

As for the rest of my day, I got to eat lunch with Gavin then head to work. Work for me yesterday was all about purging the store. I cleaned out the classroom, got rid of things that I didn't need there and so on. Most of the day was spend with a headache due to lack of sleep and most likely the rain.....of course the noisy children on the bus had NOTHING to do with it. ( : I almost cried when I got on the bus and realized that I had to walk sideways through the isle. I distinctly remember being able to walk straight through that as a kid.

Right after work I was hosting a Premier Jewelry show. I host one every 6 months since I love the jewelry and Yvonne the consultant. She has been doing Direct sales for over 25 years. She is very good! I had 5 people at my show. I closed with a $400 show and $260 in free jewelry!! I also managed to get 3 shows booked off of mine! Like I said, Yvonne is very good!

When the show was coming to a close I realized that my heart felt very heavy. I knew that Makenna would not be awake when I got home. I was so sad that I had not gotten to see her all day. I did talk to her on the phone once for a few minutes but it is not the same. Then my husband called to tell me that she was asking for me before she fell asleep. Apparently she bumped her head really hard and wanted me to come home and kiss it. Talk about making me feel worse for not being there. I am so used to having her with me all the time that it is like a part of me is missing when she in not there. I know it is good to be away from each other since it will make us appreciate each other even more when we do spend time together. I am so thankful that I get as much time with her as I do and that our relationship is already very tight.

What I am thankful for today:
being able to attend the field trip with Gavin
being able to eat lunch with him at school
learning about my dads old school house
meeting someone who knew my grandmother (dad's mom)
my now organized store
my mom for watching my store for me
my jewelry show and everyone who came
my FREE stuff!!
moments where I miss my kids
moments I get to be with them
the relationships I have with my kids
a day that is not so busy today
my classes tonight
the 10,000 step challenge tomorrow!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shake it off!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We had almost the entire family at our house for Easter dinner. After dinner we headed to my uncle's for dessert since it was his birthday. At my uncle's my bother and I started talking about our childhood as brother and sister. We had my cousin, his friend, and my sister-in-law in hysterics. When we were little my dad constantly told us to "shake it off" when we were hurt. It didn't really matter if were gushing blood or had stones embedded into our skin, we had to 'shake it off''. This could be why we are both very tough when it comes to pain and injury. Maybe this is something that our grandfather had said to him as a child? We are not sure where he got it from. Maybe it was dad's way of not having to deal with us crying since he was ALWAYS so busy. Maybe he knew that it would toughen us up. All I know is that shaking it off did not stop the bleeding. LOL!

One story that came up that always makes me laugh is the time that I came up with this wonderful idea to walk my 3 wheel.....Big Wheel up my parents hill in the back of their house. You must keep in mind that my father was watching me and didn't stop me. Maybe he was trying to teach me a lesson in cause and affect? My parents stone driveway was around the back of their house which means that this was what I was going to end up in once I was at the bottom of this hill. Did I mention that I never had any fear as a child? I get on my Big Wheel and down I go. My feet were in the air since the petals were spinning uncontrollably fast. I get to the bottom very quickly and my front wheel just stops as the entire bike flips upside down and throws me off. Not only am I face first in the stones but I had them embedded in my hands and my knees. Both my knees and hands were bleeding. There's my dad trying not to laugh, telling me to shake it off. I can barely walk, shaking from the pain of these sharp stones stuck in my skin. Of course I was taken in the house for the clean up and peroxide treatment. Shaking it off obviously didn't work...LOL!

I find out years later that not even five minutes after my Big Wheel incident, my brother tries the same thing! Maybe he thought he would have a different outcome? Was he trying to prove that he was better than me? Last night he said that he did it because it looked like fun. Maybe he didn't see how it affected me. I do not remember if he had gotten as hurt as me but I do know that he too was told to 'shake it off'. Many times that phrase was used. You can only imagine the scars my brother and I have from our fearless attitude. Most scars included injuries from our childhood vehicles such as our bikes, go-carts, motorcycles, etc. I remember creating a figure 8 in my parents front yard which took years for the grass to grow back in. Those were the good old days.

I do admit telling my kids to 'shake it off' once in a while. However, their injuries are not severe. Now Makenna will shake her leg in the air even if it is her arm that she hurt...LOL! Makenna is definitely tougher than her brother.

I am very thankful for those crazy moments of stupidity as a child. Mostly I am thankful that it creates bonding moments for my brother and I and makes everyone laugh. Funny that we can look back at those moments which then were seemingly awful and laugh at them now. Everyone should be able to 'shake it off' and go about their day. Maybe this way, life would not be so stressful for people. Maybe that is really what my dad was trying to teach us afterall. Too bad we didn't know about the word Goosfraba back then.

What I am thankful for today:

my Big Wheel as a child

my dad telling us to 'shake it off'

moments reminiscing with my brother






being silly

therapy......this will make my brother laugh...LOL!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

This week I was very short on time to blog. Thankfully I was able to help out Gavin with his Garden Party at school...very last minute. This week I get to go on a field trip with him to a one room school house. Believe it or not, it is actually the school house that my father went to as a child. A long time ago, I went there with my father. It was awesome to see everything, especially because it was still in it's original state. Now, the Historical Society has renovated it and shows it as a historical site. Still it will be awesome to go there with Gavin knowing his Pop-Pop went there. I will stay at the school and eat lunch with Gavin since I have the opportunity. Thankfully mom is watching the store for me.

Last night Buffy, Jenny and I went to Crossroads for dinner and drinks. We engaged in some very deep conversations. Nothing a couple toasted almonds couldn't get us through..LOL! There is a very deep connection that Buffy and I share. We are not sure why or how but we both acknowledge that it is present. When engaged in conversation last night, it amazed me that we are both very much alike and have witnessed some very similar past experiences. Although they were a lot of our bad experiences, we are thankful that we have each other who can relate. Some people just do not understand if they have not been through the same situations. And because of this, some are very quick to judge. Buffy, Jenny and I do not judge people by their past or their experiences. Nor do we quickly judge someone that we just meet. This is one quality that I am thankful that we all share. The other thing we share together is our attitude. All three of us try very hard to stay on the positive path. Of course we are all going through some negative situations, but we try to look at the good that will come out of them. This week was a stressful one, but tomorrow starts a new week. The best part is that we have each other to fall back on in a time of need. None of us are alone in any situation. I believe God brings people into our lives to help show us that we are not the only ones going through tough times. And, we are not the only person in the world who has had certain experiences. I thank God for each person he has brought into my life, even if it was only for a short time. Just remember, that we are in control of our lives. We have the power to change any situation...all you need is a positive thought.

What I am thankful for today:
spending the holiday with my family
my children
egg hunts
toasted almonds
deep conversations
life experiences
positive people
positive thoughts

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Measurements, Creativity, & Comfortableness

I went to the appointment last night to get my measurements done. I was very thankful that I could keep all of my clothes on. Last time I was measured, it was for my wedding since my dress was handmade. I had to strip down to my underwear and bra. Back then, it wasn't a big deal. You can imagine my panic when I had to go to this fitting being heavier getting measured by someone I have never met. What a huge relief that I got to stay dressed!

Got to say that I love Jenny's Aunt. She is the one who is making the dresses. She loves watching HGTV and What Not to Wear....LOVE THOSE SHOWS! And, she sometimes is a wedding planner for people at her church. I have always thought about being a wedding planner. While we were at her house, I was able to see pictures of things she has created. She makes flower arrangements, dresses, decorations and this really beautiful box that looks like a cake. She makes this box as a card holder. Very nice!! (Did I mention that her sewing room is one of my favorite color greens! BEAUTIFUL!) We laughed, talked about family, kids, etc. I really felt comfortable with her. Luckily I am able to read people very well. Not once did I feel uncomfortable. I love her ideas that she shared about the wedding. And, she had me even more excited to see the dresses and be in this wedding....not that I wasn't already! One really nice thing is now I have another new customer for my store. YEAH!

What I am thankful for today:
meeting new people
open mindedness
staying dressed
creative people
new customers
repeat customers
being a bridesmaid for the 7th time!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Goosfraba weight issues! I am sitting here eating once again a cheeseburger from McDonald's when I get this email about an appointment I have tomorrow night in order to get my measurements taken. Suddenly I feel this urge to stop eating the cheeseburger and go for a run around my store...about 10 times. Ever since I have had my store, I have not been eating the way I should. I have gained weight due to lots of things such as; poor eating, going off medication, stress, and mostly because I stopped taking my tap classes. Now, I could sit here and feel crappy and sulk about the way I feel about the way I look. HOWEVER, The Secret has worked for many when it comes to weight loss, I have seen it with my own eyes. I am here to share with you what I am going to.

I am going to this appointment knowing in my head that by the time this wedding comes....actually sooner....that I WILL be a size 6. I know I will be. How do I know you are asking? Well, I did what The Secret said to do. I put a picture of myself in a bikini from 11 years ago...before childbearing days, next to my bed. Every night I focus on this picture and tell myself that I will look like this again! I thank the universe for keeping me healthy and making me skinny. (I seriously have not been sick since I read the book.)

I started the 10,000 step challenge and so far have reached 10,000 steps all but 4 days in one month. What makes up for those 4 days are the days that I was well over 10,000. I read yesterday that when you do the 10,000 step challenge it takes 6 months to lose all the weight. At first I was disappointed in the long wait. Then I read on to see that because it takes 6 months, the weight stays off. YEAH! LOVIN THAT! My clothes do not fit any better after one month which to most would be discouraging, but not me. I know my size 6 is coming. I am not going to sit here and think, "Well, I don't want this lady seeing me the way I look right now." Nor I am going to think that I will continue to be this weight in 2 years. HELL NO! LOL! Don't think that you can sit there and do nothing and lose weight. It is something you have got to work at. First you have got to work on your thinking! If you think you are going to stay at a weight you are not comfortable with then guess what....YOU WILL! Once you have it in your head that you will be that size you want, go after it. Start making a plan to achieve this goal. Sometimes it does include changing your habits which we all get stuck in....believe me I know!

I met a woman years ago when I worked in retail. She was once 1200 pounds. When I met her she was 550 pounds. She lost and incredible 650 pounds! Because I worked in a store that carried plus sizes she was able to find something to fit her. I was so inspired by this woman who was once stuck in a bed not able to fit out of her bedroom door. Here she was standing in front of me shopping for clothes when before she had to be naked covered with blankets. How did she get that heavy? She went through a depression that took years to get out of. She was always a larger lady from her teenage years and on. One day she made a decision that she was going to be able to lose enough weight to get into a car and go shopping for clothes. It took some time and lots of slow moving but she accomplished what she set her mind to do. The only surgery she had was the one where the doctors had to remove so much loose skin due to her weight loss.

Put yourself in her shoes. She could have given up, she almost died from being so unhealthy. All it took for her was one positive thought, one positive decision to get her where she is today. Do not sit there and tell yourself that you cannot do it. Tell yourself that you can and you will. If this woman can do it, anyone can. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to meet her and see first hand how someone can totally turn their life around.


What I am thankful for today:
the power to change anything in your life
the 10,000 step challenge
the power of positive thinking
inspirational people I have met throughout my life
my children thinking I am beautiful no matter what I look like or feel like
the picture of me in my bikini
the ability to walk whether rain or shine
Jenny who keeps me motivated to keep walking and keep up my faith in losing weight
sunsets which remind me that everyday is a new day and that I am that much closer to my size 6!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spreading the Light

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the Locks of Love fundraiser. It is so awesome to see all those wonderful people get together for such an awesome cause.

Turning on the computer this morning, I of course see the earthquake in Italy and all of the horrible news on my Yahoo home page. It is so hard to avoid because everywhere you look there is bad news. I love keeping up to date with current events, don't get me wrong. However, I know that seeing all of this horrible news and not seeing anything positive is what has everyone so down, negative and feeling all around crappy. You cannot help but to feel so badly for these people that are losing their homes or have lost loved ones. It is only natural to feel sad over it. Seriously though, how does feeling sad over it help us or them, in any way? We can all try to help by sending things out to them, or sending positive thoughts their way. In one of my Beliefnet articles it stated that if you cannot help out a person in need by sending money or goods, close your eyes and send light from your fingers, your heart and your toes. Feel as though you are sending light to the most darkest parts of the world. How simple is that? So I close my eyes and picture myself standing in the sand facing the sun. I spread my arms up and out as though I am reaching for the sun. I then picture light coming from my heart, my finger tips and my toes while I picture it spiraling to people in need. If I can help spread joy and light so simply, why not try it. When people are in a very bad situation thy cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. There may be steps we need to climb to find it, but it is there. We all know that hard times do not last forever and that something wonderful always ends up coming out of it. However, it may not be right away.

We cannot stop bad things from happening, it is a part of life. Focusing on the bad things however, is in our control. When I am done praying and sending light to people in need, I move onto positive thoughts. If only the newspapers and the home pages of internet sites did the same thing, people would be a lot happier and much more positive. If you want to know how the author created Chicken Soup for the Soul, it is because he was tired of reading everyday news and needed to create something positive for people to read. Now, he is a millionaire.

What I am thankful for today:
positive thoughts
light at the end of the tunnel
positive people
everyone who helped with the fundraiser
people who amaze me
magical moments

Friday, April 3, 2009

Creativity, a Huge Part in Finding Happiness

I received this article from, a site that sends me an inspirational quote and inspirational article every day via email. Today's article was 7 Tips to Finding Happiness. In the article there were a lot of things that most of us do everyday already such as; giving someone a hug, feeling connected in nature, giving of ourselves and so on. I know I am hugging people everyday, especially my children and I constantly feel connected with nature (a little more distant in the winter though) and I am always trying to find ways to give of myself. One of the tips actually hit me in a very good way. The tip was to use your creativity to make a project that touches others.

Reading The Secret (all you negative people can now sigh and we go again..LOL! Goosfraba to you!) has me connecting with some very positive people. And, we are all the same. We all hug which is one thing, but the best is the creativity we share in our projects. The bestest is what we end up doing with these projects. Most of us have that one or two scrapbooks that we call our own but along with those are the scrapbooks for our children. We also make cards to send to our friends, family and to those who need a little pick me up. We make scrapbooks, paper crafts and chipboard albums to give as a gift. We all know that right now with the economy being the way it is, it means more than anything to receive a gift that took creativity and less money. On a personal level, for me it means so much more to receive something that a person put a lot of thought and time into. Something that I will never forget and can cherish for the rest of my life.

I say to my children and my husband all the time that if our house were to burn to the ground, as long as my family, my pets, my scrapbooks and the sentimental gifts that had been given to me throughout the years were ok....than I am happy. I do not need the rest of the material things because they can all be replaced. To me, there is no creativity involved in picking out a new TV, furniture, stereo, etc. It is all a matter of ones taste and how much they have in their wallet.

One thing people need to understand that your creativity doesn't need to be a project or something one can hold in their hands. Creativity can also be held in one's heart. I have run into so many people that I admire for their ability to come up with such awesome ideas. There are those who seriously are not creative at all. Maybe they just have not found their nitch. Some people I think cannot be creative because they tell themselves that they are not. Maybe it is also due to ones stress level and inability to think outside of their box. I have been blessed to have people in my life do some amazing creative things for me, things that I can only hold in my heart...and my mind, hoping it doesn't completely go on me as I get older...LOL! I am hoping that I can be an inspiration as well as people have been to me. Whether it is a card, scrapbook, a surprise visit, a magical moment, creativity is one huge tip to happiness. I thank all of those who have blessed me with their creativity. I thank all of those have inspired me to be creative. Being creative can take a moment of awkwardness, or what seems a bad situation and turn it into something absolutely unforgettable.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today is a GREAT day!

Makenna went to bed last night at 9pm and woke up this morning at 9:45am. It was a wonderful night of rest for everyone in the Musser house. Makenna is once again teething. This should be the last of it. Believe it or not, she is still in a good mood....with a couple wishy washy moments when she gets upset over silly things. Thankfully she is easily snapped out of it. Today is going to be a great day because she is feeling well rested and I am going to make today a great day!

I sometimes end my emails with Make today a GREAT day. It is a saying that my friend Jen from PartyLite uses. I love that saying because we are totally in control of what are day entails. Yes, crap happens but it is our attitude that we need to adjust when it does. I firmly believe that if you start the day off on the wrong foot, it doesn't mean that your entire day will go that way. It will if you have the attitude, "Oh great this is the way my entire day will go!" Why, because you are telling yourself that it will. Try telling yourself that it is going to get better.

A while back I woke up with a major headache, not enough sleep, and it was a rainy cold day. Makenna woke up early and cranky and of course my first thought was.....HERE WE GO! This day is going to suck! Something clicked in my head and I thought, "No, it doesn't have to continue this way and it isn't going to." I got Makenna her breakfast, took some Advil, sat down and said to myself, "I want to have a great day. I want Makenna to be in a better mood, I want to be free from this headache and I want to be on time for work." I also relaxed and took deep breaths about 5 times. Don't worry I didn't pass out. LOL! My frame of mind went from crabby and not feeling great to feeling a lot better. My day went wonderful! Makenna was happy, my headache was gone, the sun came out, I had new customers in my store.....everything went wonderful. Now I could have just gone with my day being crappy and let more crappy things happen by staying negative but I chose not too. Even if something happened to set me back a little, because of my frame of mind, it didn't bother me. We are in control of our lives, completely. We all can choose to make today a GREAT day. Or, we can sit and complain and get comfortable staying negative so that our day continues down a negative path. What is your choice?

What I am thankful for:
the sun
the spring flowers
the power to change my mood
the warmer weather today
the fact that today is going to be a GREAT day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Makenna one of my biggest Inspirations

My daughter has got to be one of my biggest inspirations. She lets nothing get in the way of what she wants to achieve. I want her to know that whatever decisions she makes throughout life, I will stand behind her.

Recently I have been talking with a friend about all of the issues I had throughout my pregnancy with Makenna and then the horrible delivery. I am not going to go into details and most of you already know. The worst part is going through all of that after losing a baby. Maybe that is why I look at Makenna the way I do. I feel so blessed to have her. It makes me sad to know that on the 13th she will already be 3 years old. My hopes for her and I are that we can be best friends as she gets older. Already we have a very strong relationship.

One of my customers has a very strong relationship with her daughter and I completely admire that. My mom and I used to butt heads but now we get along very well. I want Makenna to feel that she can tell me anything, even the things that I really do not want to know. You know what I mean...
On Monday, we make it beauty day since I have off. If she needs a haircut I will cut her hair or style it. I always paint her toes and her finger nails. This past Monday she picked red for her toes and blue for her fingers. Maybe she is feeling patriotic? Mondays are a great day for us to spend together. She loves to help me clean and do laundry and work in the yard. When she has to go to work with me, she is very into doing craft projects. As I am typing this she is putting on her lip gloss...LOL!

I am so lucky to have such affectionate children. Makenna especially loves to hug and kiss and express her love for everyone. It is so endearing to hear her tell me that she loves me.

What I am thankful for today..
my kids
their health
their expressions
their love
their joy
their laughter
their silliness
their strength
that they are mine!