Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ralph Stover Park & An Amazing Day

Here I am at work with 100000000000 things I should be doing instead of sitting here blogging BUT.....

Yesterday was amazing and I just had to write about it. Jennifer G took Makenna for most part of the day to play with Jessica so that Shawn and I could spend the day together for his birthday. Knowing my financial situation doesn't allow me much freedom right now, I made it clear that we had to be creative for his birthday this year. I have to laugh because he is such a laid back person who honestly lives happily with very little material why I am so worried that I cannot spend money on him? I don't know.

A few days before his birthday he called me to tell me that he knows what he wants. All he wanted was to spend the day with me. Awww.... He knew that I had never visited Ralph Stover Park before and one thing we really enjoy together is hiking. We hiked for an hour and a half up and down this gorgeous mountain with a creek running at the bottom. He fished for a little but didn't get any bites. I managed to get some pictures which showed how high we were and some turkey buzzards that were in a tree near by. Although there was very little conversation we connected so much through the beauty of the surrounding nature.

On the way home we were starving. We stopped at this cute little restaurant called the Cactus Grill. We ate dinner in front of a window with a great view of the sunset. My order was Chicken & Spinach Ravioli which was to die for! When we arrived back at his house we ate chocolate cake and ice cream watching a marathon of the show The Haunted. Perfect ending to a great least for us.

Many people do not know this but rainbows are a sign to me which meaning is that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at that moment. Music fits in with that as well. On our way to Ralph Stover, I saw about 3 different rainbows caused by reflections of the sun....they were not actually in the sky. I had to laugh to myself because I felt like I was were I needed to be. At Shelleys a couple of weeks ago, I walked into her home to see rainbows all over her wall, all created by a prism she had in her kitchen window. It actually took my breath away since Shelley and I both agree that God brought us together. When sitting having tea, Makenna looked up at Shelley and laughed. She said, "Shelley, you have a rainbow on your forehead!" I then told Shelley the meaning that rainbows have in my life. She smiled and mentioned that she felt that she was where she was supposed to be as well.

Do you have a sign? Think of one. It can be anything with any meaning. It will help you to realize that the path you are on is the right path, the one that God has chosen for you. I feel a sense of comfort when I see my rainbows. The last rainbow I saw in the sky was when I was on my way home from taking Gavin to the dentist. That horrifying trip that drained all of us to no end. The assistant told me how good I was and how patient I was with Gavin which was nice to hear when you doubting yourself....then to walk out and that rainbow be the first thing I see. I knew that God was smiling down on me letting me know everything will be alright. I was exactly where I was supposed to be, enduring an experience with Gavin which will help both of us grow. No one knows why we have to go through certain things....but there is something to learn from everything we encounter.

What I am thankful for today:
Jennifer G for taking Makenna for the day
Time spend with Shawn
My kids
My Pets
My friends
Quality time
Ralph Stover Park
Good food
Hot Tea
Chocolate cake
Dinner at church tonight
My PartyLite Party
The Secret Woman's Club tomorrow!!
My winter coat
Full classes
My store
Answered prayers
My strength
My confidence
My health
Knowing I am right where I should be