Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family, a Little Bragging, and Little Drops of Water

Today was a great day. I enjoyed being with Jeremy's family so much. Nana's funeral was nice, short and sweet. I feel that is how she would have wanted it. The luncheon was good. My mom helped me get everything out.....thank you mom! Linda's house had a lot of people in it! Nana was there hovering over the dessert trays...I could just feel her. LOL! I love that Jeremy's family still treats me like family. I feel like I will always be a huge part of my family. Linda let me pick out jewelry of Nana's, perfume, whatever I wanted. It really made me feel good that she included me in all of that. Wait until you see the ring I picked.....GORGEOUS!

I haven't bragged about Shawn lately so I am going to now. Ha Ha Ha! In the last two days he has been very huggy, holding my hands constantly, more affectionate that usual. He got up to go smoke a cigarette...something we are working on getting him away from, and I said "Why can't you be addicted to me, I am much more healthy." He smiled and said, "I am addicted, I admit it." Then when he dropped me off at home I asked him if he would be ok without me for an entire day...ya know being addicted and all, and he said, "Maybe for a few hours....but that is all." LOL! He came to visit me at the store on Sunday and surprised me with coffee. I didn't know he was even coming. He got the bird out the window...thank goodness......and told me twice in about 15 minutes that I was beautiful. Can you believe that I have known this man since 2nd grade? Can you believe that we started dating a year ago in July and he is still this way towards me? It is hard for me to digest since I am so used to things wearing off and dying down. It just confirms that we are great together. And that love can conquer all. Enough of the bragging....you are probably ready to puke now.

So, Erika and I have been pondering some awesome ideas. We are planning this fundraiser for Amanda Buss and I have been having major realizations. I realize my purpose in life.....my main purpose. I am definitely here to service people and do God's work but I have figured out in what way. I will continue to volunteer at the animal shelter but my main focus is organizing fundraisers. Erika and I are most likely going to do this together and anyone who wants to help can join us. We are looking into starting a non-profit organization, one that specializes in fundraisers. Of course we are keeping the store. Our name will be Little Drops of Water. And the story behind that is, at church on Sunday Pastor Tricia said that we have to picture ourselves as little drops of water. Each of us has a special talent that if we put our talents together we can make great things happen. So, all of us drops of water together can fill an entire bucket. If you would like to be a drop in our bucket, please let us know. You do not need to commit to every single fundraiser but can help out where you wish. We have yet to pick a date for the fundraiser but will keep you posted. Maybe you should take the time and write a list of all the things you enjoy doing and are good at. This will help you figure out how you can help us.

What I am thankful for today:
Jeremy's family
my mom
my family
my children
my pets
my friends
my church
the animal shelter
making my dreams come alive
the ability to help others
a good nights sleep
The Biggest Loser
getting my tooth fixed tomorrow
taking another aerobics class with Jennifer tomorrow
Nana being at peace
my home
my jeep
the ring Linda gave me
my weight loss