Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness in the House

I know I just blogged last night but I could not help myself from blogging this morning. Makenna woke me up by jumping on my bed yelling "I love you Mommy!" That child just amazes me with her ever beaming light. Her excitement for the day gets me out of bed with a smile. She raised my blinds and rejoiced about the sunshine. Now what child really notices that stuff first thing in the morning...how about at all? Most people know how Makenna and Faith got along last year....they totally butted heads. Now, Makenna races down the stairs to greet her cousin with a big hearty "Good Morning Faith!" At this moment they are outside playing and it is only 8am. Makenna is just like me, she always wants to be outside.

The bunny seems to be happy hearing my voice first thing this morning. For the time being we have him in our kitchen enjoying the sunlight and the window view of the back yard. He seems to like it there a lot. As soon as he heard my voice he stood up on his hind legs and tried to find me. He is the best rabbit ever.

It was so nice to wake up with everyone around me happy, the sun shining, coffee heated up, and the ability to find matching socks....for all of us. LOL! Find happiness in the simple things and start the day off that way. I know only good things will come my way.....I deserve it and I am ready to receive! Have an amazing, fabulous Tuesday everyone. Embrace each moment and smile smile smile!
What I am thankful for today:
happiness in the house!
Makenna's wake up this morning
the sunshine
working out today
Gavin smiling
Chloe who is currently on my back
inspirational quotes
my absolutely amazing friends
Biggest Loser tonight!
hot showers
clean laundry
my children
my parents
each new day