Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspirations that just keep going..

My week ended last week with a retreat to West Chester University with the older youth group from my church. Besides listening to powerful inspirational stories, I found myself closer to God and learning what my purpose is here on earth. The kids were amazing, the food was amazing, the music was was all so wonderful. My purpose is to help others....adults, children and animals. I do have this burning desire to make other people's lives better. So, with God's help I am going to pursue this.

My birthday was awesome. The girls at my store celebrated with me by buying me lunch and hanging out at my store. Shawn surprised me while I was there with a dozen roses. Erika made me a giant chocolate chip yummy. Later that night, Jeremy came home with Chinese food for dinner and my family came over for cake. It was a good time.

Yesterday, Jennifer took me to the Lilith Fair. We had a chance to see Missy Higgins, Sarah Borellis, The Court Yard Hounds and Sarah Mclachlan. Of course when Sarah played In the Arms of an Angel tears streamed down my face. It was definitely happy tears though. That song will forever remind me of my grandmothers passing. I know she was with me last night.

Tomorrow, Friday, Heather has surprised me with a trip to Longwood Gardens for my birthday. It is a place that has been on my goal sheet for about 2 years. Finally I am getting the chance to go and, take my children.

Everyone in my life has been so giving, so kind and very inspirational. This past week has been one of the best weeks of my life. I have accomplished some things on my goal list such as:
attending more concerts
getting a closer relationship with God
participating in a service project
seeing Sarah Mclachlan play In the Arms of an Angel
going to Longwood Gardens
spending more quality time with my friends
attaining new customers in my store

Life is good.

What I am thankful for today:
achieving my goals, big and small
the concert
the youth retreat
Rachel Kurtz
my friends
my family
the couple who handed Jennifer and I tickets that got us off the lawn and only 15 rows from the stage!!
knowing what great things positive thinking can do to ones life
the youth group for being so wonderful!
my church
learning what my spiritual gifts are
Chinese food
ice cream cake
new music
old music
my children