Friday, March 4, 2011

A Great Way To Lose Weight....LOL!

Most of you know I have been stuck in my house with sick kids and being under the weather myself. Well after 4 days of it I was losing my mind. So, why not lose weight?

I got to work yesterday, and was actually looking forward to it. I had two children in childcare, Braughnna and Logan. Brent comes in and flies open the door singing, "GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING! I brought breakfast!" Laughing, I of course asked what he brought. He brought in these HUGE bagels that were made at a Bagel place in the Westgate Mall. When the children left, I made myself a bagel noticing that they resembled breasts...LOL! So, calling to Brent I held them up to my chest and he, Nick and Heather started cracking up. Everyone could tell I was back to my old self.

After 3 hours of cleaning I decided to run on the treadmill. What made me laugh was what I was picturing in my head. I was recalling my week of children arguing over the TV, being crabby, sick, tired and I found myself running faster. It was as if I was running away from the crappy week with them. The more I thought about it the more energy I had. I was able to run for 25 minutes without thinking for one second, "this is killing me." So, I turned a crappy week into a great workout. And I totally felt 100% better. Today, I reflect on my good day yesterday since I am once again home with sick children. Gavin is recovering but Makenna has yet another fever. And me, well my rear end HURTS but it is just a reminder of how easy it was for me to run and run and run yesterday. I got on the scale yesterday and I lost another pound and a half and am now 131!! YAY! So what I am thankful for today.....

losing weight
the ability to run
my pets
The Center for Animal Health and Welfare
my friends
my family
my health
the health of my loved ones
PartyLite shows and products
hot showers
time to myself
adult time at Jennifer's
clean laundry
a nice walk with Diego today
upcoming classes at the store
scrapbook challenges
spring on the way