Friday, June 5, 2009

Long Walks and Ice Cream

Yes Jenny I took your was just too perfect. Jenny and I went for a long awaited walk last night. We have not been able to walk much this week at all due to the weather and her being 'under the weather' as well. I think Jenny will agree with me that negativity in someones life can totally break down ones spirit. And, when you are no longer feeling positive your body can harbor illness whereas, when you are totally in harmony with the universe and feeling positive in every way possible, illness cannot exist. Hence, why I have not been sick. There was only one night that I had to leave the store early and come home to clear my head. I knew if I didn't do this I would end up like Jenny and not feeling so well. It is so amazing that one negative person can ruin someones day. And, of course there is no way to be completely away from all negative people. All we can do is try to find the things we appreciate about that person and focus on that so that the negative aspects of that person are not our focus. Because Jenny and I care about the people in our lives so much, it is hard to not allow those who are negative to consume our lives. We just have to keep picturing them in joy. We also have to ask that we are only surrounded by positive people. It has worked for me. I am only surrounded by positive people in my life now. I am so thankful that Jenny is feeling better.

So you are wondering where the ice cream comes into play...On our walk we decided to hit Vassie's for some ice cream. Nothing like taking a long walk on the road to a healthier body only to purchase an evil fattening ice cream cone (with rainbow sprinkles). However, Jenny and I have been extremely well behaved in the eating department. So, one ice cream cone is not going to kill may add a few inches to the hips...but it is nothing we cannot walk off. Our motivation is fed off of each other. I am so thankful to have someone who is able to motivate me the way she does. We laughed the entire walk. I call our walks my therapy sessions. (It is a lot cheaper than the therapy sessions I go to once a week.) We always laugh and try to think positive. We talk about what we are thankful for, how our day has gone and how we wish it would have gone. We tell jokes, talk about funny movies we have seen and all the stupid moments that we have had. One came up last night about me. When I was living with an ex named Bob, Gavin was about 2 and not sleeping through the night. After a few months of sleepless nights...I was a mess. I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to go to the bathroom soooooo bad. I walked out the door, turned to go into the bathroom and walked directly into the wall. Oh yeah, it was loud. Bob almost needed to get in the bathroom due to laughing so hard. Funny thing is that I never fully woke up which is a good thing since I could have really hurt myself. Thankfully I was so relaxed that I didn't even bruise. Bob actually had a hard time falling back to sleep since he was so awake laughing, worried about me since I came back to bed and fell right asleep! Jenny and I talk about things like that. It is a wonderful thing when you can laugh at yourself. It is even better when you have a friend to laugh with you. So you know, bras make excellent money holders. Only problem is they are only good for bills. When Jenny and I got tons of coins back we put it in the jar on the counter that said, "pretend I am a cow and tip me". We left laughing...we tipped the cow! See why I am so thankful for long walks and ice cream? Thank you Jenny for last night and for giving me an excellent title to my blog today!

Today I am thankful for:
long walks
ice cream
funny moments
my health
rainbow sprinkles
positive people
mall walkers...ha ha ha! (Jenny will understand)
playing My Little Pony with Makenna this morning
life lessons
an open mind
my positive attitude
a healthy mind, body and spirit...minus the ice cream (: