Saturday, May 9, 2009

Negativeness Will Multiply!

Daily Teaching today (Saturday May 9th):
Anybody who thinks negative thoughts about someone else has those negative thoughts return to them multiplied. It doesn't matter how many people are thinking negatively about someone; if that person is in joy those thoughts can never reach them, because they are on a different frequency. Instead, all the negative thoughts will multiply and return to the people who were thinking them.

No-one else can bring negativity into our lives though their thoughts, unless we allow our frequency to lower to the same negative frequency as theirs.

Only thing I have to say about this is, so this is why negative people no longer come into my store....I must be on that high frequency where they cannot reach me. YEAH! And, you'd better watch those thoughts and all of those complaints. It really will bite you in the butt someday.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I am thankful for:
Being a mom
my children
being on the highest frequency
Buffy for teaching me some awesome things today and for engaging in some great conversation!
Jenny for bringing us lunch and going on a long walk with me last night.
warm weather
Having the time today to watch Anger Management and to make 4 cards!
a good night's sleep tonight
Mother's Day tomorrow
dinner with family tomorrow
my day off tomorrow
leaving work early today
faithful friends
positive energy, positive people, and positive attitude
my strength (thank you Buffy!)