Sunday, April 26, 2009

Help Others and See positive Things in Your Own Life.

Today's Daily Teaching is "No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another."

How many people these days seem so wrapped up in their own life? I think to some degree we all are. No matter what, I feel that we need to 'fill' ourselves up with joy first before we can make anyone else happy. And while that may be the truth I still know that there is nothing like the feeling of giving to someone else and helping others.

Once I read The Secret, my eyes opened into a whole new way of thinking. I started realizing that the only good in life is what we see and what we make of it. I started seeing that there are honest, good people in the world that do care about strangers. I have seen people come and go, some come back some do not. Guess who comes back....the people who look at life just as I do. Honestly I no longer want negative people in my store or in my life. If we chose to allow it into our lives and listen to people complain constantly, we will only be bringing more of that negativeness into our own lives. Because we cannot totally get away from these people, we need to be grateful for the positiveness we have in our lives. Before you know it, being an inspiration will be annoying to those who are not ready to live a positive lifestyle. And, this is ok. Not everyone likes change nor wants too. Later in life they may look back and wonder why they waited so long to change for the better. Maybe they will continue to live miserable thinking that there is no way out. Whatever the case, no one can be responsible for their life but themselves.

Jenny bought me an awesome Grateful Journal. In time, I will be purchasing this for everyone I know. Just in the last two days of using this I have seen a drastic change in myself and my life. It came right at the time that I read the Daily Teaching:
Einstein told us that time is just an illusion. When you understand and accept that there is no time, you can see that whatever you want in the future already exists. That is why when you write, imagine, or speak of your desire, you should use the present tense. Radiate your desire in your mind, heart, and body and see it as here now.

What I got from that is: If we keep putting things in future tense than it will always remain in the future.

If we want to receive anything we need to make believe that we already have it. And, we absolutely need to say thank you a million times a day! If we show gratitude, things we want will happen faster because we appreciate. We also have to help others and give. I have written this before but somehow it doesn't seem to sink in to some. Lucky for me I have surrounded myself with people who are looking to help others in every way possible. Obviously it doesn't have to be money that you are giving.

Put yourself in these situations and tell me what you would do.....
If you saw two elderly ladies coming towards a door, would you race to open it for them or just let them get it?

If you saw someone's child has snot running down their face, would you turn away or would you offer the child a tissue?

If your neighbor was having trouble shoveling their car out of the snow, would you help or just let them do it alone?

See where I am going? There is ALWAYS a way that we can help others. It can be so simple yet have such a great impact on your life.

Every night I write in my Grateful journal. This is my new goal. On one side of the page you are to write what you are grateful for now. The other side is where you write your grateful intentions. You do not need this journal to do this. If you are to start this at home, make sure you word your statements starting with, 'thank you', or 'I am grateful for'. When you are walking to take your shower say thank you with each step. Embrace the new day with gratefulness and you are only setting yourself up to a wonderful positive day.

Daughtry has a wonderful song out there right now called, What About Now. If you get the chance, look up the lyrics and watch it on

Thank you for:
my friends
my new customer
time alone
the heat
my clothes
my family
my grateful journal
peace within
my health
my store
free advertising
the cook out with my neighbors tonight
my overabundance of time
my children
my van
my flowers
chocolate cake
my new Premier Jewelry
my parents
my positive attitude
my new haircut
my life