Friday, October 22, 2010

A Good Day and A Awesome Weekend to Come

Today was such a good day! Makenna was feeling so much better by the early afternoon that Jen and I took her to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. I love feeding the kittens! They meow like mad when they hear the cans being opened. We cleaned the rabbit cages which was funny because the one rabbit kept jumping back into his cage. Guess he didn't mind it being dirty. There have been lots of adoptions lately and it makes me so thrilled to know that these animals will have forever homes now. It is a bittersweet feeling though because we have established a bond with some of these cats and dogs. While I am happy that Alice and Birdy (two of my favorite felines) are still there, I know they would be happier in a home with someone who loves them. The thought of them leaving does make me sad though.

Tomorrow I am excited to teach a class at my store. It has been a while since I have taught one. I am highly looking forward to my Thankful Thursdays coming up in November. Jess Ballas has 9 people in her class so far!! I am so excited for her! Maybe some of them will stay for Jennifer's layout class!!??

Tomorrow night is what I am really looking forward too. I cannot wait to have most of my friends here with me at home. We are going to play games on the Wii and board games. Jennifer G is bringing calories in hopes that I go back to the gym with her this week...LOL! I have really missed going with Makenna being sick all week. Thankfully she is feeling better.

I am so thankful for my friends, so thankful for my furry friends and so thankful for my children. Makenna and I have had some wonderful bonding time this week. We read books, she helped me clean and cook, we played restaurant, and lots of other stuff. It was great! She really is a good kid, even when she isn't feeling well.

What I am thankful for today:
my friends....God am I lucky!
my kids
my pets
Birdy, Alice, Slipper, Ramona, Squeaky and all my other favorite felines
my health
hot showers
Makenna feeling better
Gavin getting good grades
quality time
my stationary bike (came in handy not being able to hit the gym)
an awesome weekend ahead
the parade
my classes
my customers
my store
clean laundry
my home
my jeep