Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Meaning of a True Friend

Throughout my life I have seen people come and go. People that have said they were my friends some were just acquaintances. Now as an adult I appreciate all that I have learned from each person and was able to let go of the people who were not really a true friend to me. I have no regrets separating myself from some of those who I may have called a friend because they were actually very unhealthy relationships for me. Most of those who know me know that I am definitely a giver. I could care less what people give to me in return. This is not always a healthy way to be since it causes a lot of situations where I was taken for granted, and ended up giving a lot to some very selfish people. Of course I was hurt, and I would blame myself. However, I now know that true friends see you for all that you are, and will give to you just as much if not more than you give to them. I can also read people very well and know just by a first encounter with someone whether or not this is someone I want to pursue a friendship with or just keep them as an acquaintance.

The friends I have now are so much like me. They attend all of my kids and my personal functions and parties, they call just to say hi and see how I am, and they are there for me know matter what their own personal situations may be. I love the positive people that are now in my life accepting me for who I am and giving so much to me in return...without me asking for anything. They all want to help me out with everything without being asked, they listen to me when I just need to get something off of my chest, they pass out the tissues when I need a good cry or even join me. True friends, feel your pain, your joy, your excitement, your fears. True friends are there for you always to share all of your life's ups and downs.

Going through depression throughout my life, I pushed many people away. It was the true friends that didn't leave me no matter how hard I tried to be alone. Sometimes due to life events and situations, my friendships would be put on hold. However, once the situation was over we were right back to where we were. I consider myself very lucky to have as many true friends as I do. I know that if my life were to fall apart, I have my friends by my side the entire way. I will never be alone. Today I am grateful for all of the friends I have and the friendships that I am forming. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for your loyalty, friendship and love.

Jamie W.
Rachel K.
Diane B.
Heather P.
Melinda W.

Marty W.
Jenny D.
Judy A.
Rita P.
Buffy A.
Sally C.
Missy G.
Kathy Y.
Amy W.
Beth H.
Denise D.
Kate Q.
Jen S.
Cheryl K.
Maryann M.
Sherry K.
Valerie L.
Amy C.
Mary Ann H.
Jayne S.
Liz S.
My Mom
Linda my mother-in-law
Jenn my sister-in-law
and all the others I am forming relationships with at this time.