Monday, June 1, 2009

Today IS an Awesome Day!

Last night I thanked the universe for a great nights sleep and an awesome day today. I slept wonderful (put all the cats outside..LOL!) and today has just kept snowballing into this wonderful day. I woke up and immediately started my chores noticing that the sun was beaming outside. Laundry needs to be done, the bathrooms needed to be cleaned and the house needs vacuuming. So, I start with the laundry, drink a cup of coffee and call my neighbor. I had so much running to do in Hellertown that I wanted to know if she could come over at some point and watch Faith and Makenna. Of course she said yes. So I cleaned my two bathrooms, made my list of errands, checked my email and took a shower. I got two loads of laundry done by the time Diane got here. I was thinking the entire morning how thankful I am to have such energy today!

I left the house and went to my store since my rent is due and I needed to put a check in my landlords mailbox. I also needed to grab some things for the post office. I then ran to the bank and activated my new debit card to find out that I actually had more money in my account than I had in my register!! I made an adding mistake.....but a GOOD ONE! I then ran to get gas in my car (nice hot man working at the gas station may I add), went to McD's for a French Vanilla iced coffee, then to True Value. When I got to True Value I walked around looking for the Quart sized paint cans that I need for an upcoming birthday party at my store. When I asked someone where they were, here they were hiding on an enclosed shelf and there was only 11 left. AND they went down in price...WHOO HOOO! So, I purchased all 11 and thought how thankful I was that I was able to get them before they were sold out AND how thankful I am that they were so much cheaper!! I then went into the Dollar General to return something I had bought that was broken. I got an even exchange for a case of water (which I didn't realize they had there) and I also purchased minutes for my track phone at an awesome price! I then went to the post office to see this little stuffed dog hanging on their wall. This dog has been there for weeks and Makenna raves about it every time we go there. However, I am not one to purchase something for my kids every time we are out. Besides this dog was $15.99. Today, I thought to myself, I am going to buy this and it is going to be on sale. There was no tag on it. The postman gave it to me for $3.00!!!!!! I was so thankful that I was able to get it so cheap and to see Makenna's smile when I got home and gave it to her. The highlight of the day was when I got home to call Thermo Web and place my adhesive order. The girl mentioned about May's free shipping deal and when she did I said, "yeah, and it is June 1st." She replied. "That's ok, you placed your order with us last week!" I literally jumped up and down since this saves me like $30! If I could have, I would have hugged the poor girl! LOL! Diane was so wonderful for helping me get my minutes on my phone and set up my voice mail. THANK YOU!!! And of course I appreciate her watching the kids for a little while I run around town. She is the BEST! Did I mention that I got to see my brother's friend Hot Todd run past my booth yesterday while I was at the farmer's market??? I must have Hot Todd radar or something because I knew immediately it was him. There's nothing wrong with a little eye candy....LOL! Oh....... I FOUND MY KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All because I wrote in my Gratitude Book last night that I was thankful that I found my keys!! YEAH! And people say The Secret doesn't work!?!?!?!

What I am thankful for today:
My awesome day
finding my keys!
eye candy aka Hot Todd (who believe it or not is very modest)
getting stuff done today
this awesome weather!
Rachel for making me laugh
Jen R for being so sweet (thank you for joining our walk last night!)
Jenny for being Jenny
finding paint cans CHEAP!
my Thermo Web order with FREE SHIPPING!!
Makenna's stuffed puppy for $3
French Vanilla Iced Coffee
hot guy at gas station..LOL!
an awesome nights sleep last night
an awesome nights sleep again tonight
another awesome day tomorrow
getting closer every day to a bikini body every second of the day!!
getting all of my chores done
time with my kids tonight