Saturday, July 23, 2011

Figured it Out

Hello! It has been a few days, maybe over a week, I forget. Lots of stuff going on. I worked all three of my jobs today and thought I would be sound asleep by now. It is almost 1am. Excitement just fills the air for me right now. I am so proud of my friend Robin for publishing her own book. One day I will do that. Right now I just do not have the time.

My store is so awesome. Erika and I love our pool-side meetings. The kids do too! Tonight was our very first exclusive crop. It was a hit. Hopefully this will be a great way to bring in more income to the store. I could not get over how much these ladies were so thankful to have a night out without kids. They were all very nice and very funny.

After all this time I think I finally figured out what goes on with people when it comes to negative things happening to them. I remember a time when my neck would freeze and be that way for like 2 weeks. I remember having bouts of tonsillitis. I remember visiting a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly because my back hurt soooo bad. How many times did I land in a depression? How many headaches did I have to deal with? Everyone's body has weaknesses. Stress is the trigger. My father used to 'throw his back out'. Or end up with major head colds. If I look back at the timing of when that happened, it was during stressful times. Stress does take a toll on our bodies. No matter how many massages I got or how many times I went to the chiropractor, my back still hurt. No matter how much medication I took for depression, I would either plateau or only stay 'happy' for a short time. It is a huge cycle in which WE have to break. Honestly, if it wasn't for the power of positive thinking AND Linda from The Healing Place, I am not sure I would have stayed this good for this long. If you have reoccurring issues with your health, take a look at what is going on around you at the time. If we can think 'perfect health' we will have perfect health. If you constantly say, "I always get headaches", you will always get headaches. Try to find a positive outlet for your stress. As soon as you think a negative thought, get rid of it. Do not stay in the realm of sadness, hatred, anger, fear or disappointment for too long. We do have to feel our feelings but then let them go. Thankfully my patterns of sore muscles, headaches, depression, and sicknesses have all been broken. This doesn't mean that I do not encounter stress. It just means that I have finally learned how to deal with it.

What I am thankful for tonight:
new customers at the store
everlasting friendships
Choose Happiness
Robin and her new book
my pets
my children
my family
The Center
funny movies
the sunshine
air conditioning
full classes at the store tomorrow
my health
knowing that I have a bright future in store for me
the gym
my Blessings order which should be here soon!