Friday, August 13, 2010

Animals vs. People

My fundraiser for The Center for Animal Health and Welfare is tomorrow August 14th. My teachers and my friends all agree that this will be a wonderful successful event. There are so many businesses and people that have offered to help me and who have given donations. I feel so blessed to have so many giving people around me. I used to think that I liked helping animals because they were not as mean as people. They are not judgemental or criticizing and they love us no matter what. Animals allow us to be who we are and allow us to grow and change without advise, opinions, eyes rolling, sighing, gossip, etc. They only alter us in a loving caring way by showing their affection and by changing our moods to be happy, content and peaceful.

After this last year, my feelings have changed. With all the people I have met; customers, teachers, friends, I do see that people can be just as loving and caring as animals. As I lay here in my bed with my Chloe next to me, a very rare moment since she is always outdoors, I am appreciating all of Gods creations. I realize that I will not like everyone but I will appreciate them and love them. For God has a purpose for every person in our lives whether it be a lesson we need to learn or a lesson they need to learn, or someone to help us and make our lives easier. Seriously, if we were not surrounded by evil or things we do not agree with, how would we ever know how we want to be or not be. How would we know 'not to make that same mistake' as that person did? I try so hard to find the good in everyone whether I like them or not.

A couple words I live by:
Give: Give love, give thanks, give hope, give laughter, give compliments, give help, give time, give money.
Appreciate: Everything
Love: Everyone
Faith: have faith that God and the Universe will take care of you, if you

What I am thankful for today:
everyone who has donated and offered their time for the Crafting For Paws Fundraiser
the wonderful people who have come into my life this past year
my 'dream team'
my children
my pets
my friends
my family
foot rubs
The Center for Animal Health & Welfare
Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Celebrity Ghost Stories
Bridezilla (so funny!)