Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ramblings for the Day

Yesterday at the Gem,  Mineral and Jewelry show Chuck from Lost River Caverns asked me how I was. Knowing the twists and turns that has taken in the last month, I really didn't know at first how to answer. So I said, "I am good, no sense complaining." He answered with, "Someone always has it worse." He is totally right.

God wants us to go through these obstacles to learn things. And, I have come to realize that we always end up better in the end. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who make sure I know that I am not alone. My mom reminded me of a passage that was actually in The Secret; "We are always exactly where we are supposed to be at every moment." Although the moment may make us feel bad, it will end. I try telling my son that. But, he has not acquired that positivity yet. Hopefully it will not take him long to learn the power of positive thoughts. His counselor mentioned to him that a lot of people get crabby on rainy days. Then she asked him what good the rain does for us. When he answered, "It makes the grass grow, the flowers grow and gives us water" she said, "If everyone would focus on the good of the rain, their day would not be so bad." To me, a rainy day makes us appreciate the sunshine even more. I try to focus on the good of every situation but sometimes when there is so much going on that is negative it is hard. My friends try help turn my thoughts around and point out the good. And, they are so good at it.

Things at the gym are looking up, my store is still going strong. Working and spending time with a bunch of Christian women is very uplifting. I absolutely love 'my happy place'. Now all I have to wrap my head around is the issues with Gavin. I am very thankful that I am able to relate to him and what he is going through. Although going through the experience was tough, because of it I can be more patient and understanding as he goes through this. I feel his pain and sadness. It is something he has to learn from. I know in my heart that he will get through this and be a stronger child.

What I am thankful for today:
the sunshine
the power of positive thoughts
The Secret
my mom
my friends
Cassie (who is going home today. I will miss her.)
The Gem Show
the new cross pendant I bought.
my pets
The Healing Place
blooming flowers
a busy day today at the store
Marker Club....YAY!
my teachers
my customers
hot showers
good food last night at Red Robin
quality time with my family
Bryce and Clara
a clean house
compliments (thank you Heather)