Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We are HIS

I stepped out of my scrapbooking box today and created a scrapbook page for the next challenge of Happy Inspirational Scrappin that was way out of my taste, my style, my everything....LOL! Good news is that I love it!! Although I feel like I have found myself in these past few months, I am still discovering a parts of me that I didn't know exsisted. You have to appreciate all that life hands you, what you learn from it and what you can let go of.

One of my teachers from my store sent me an email abbreviating Happy Inspirational Scrappin to HIS. My mouth dropped. Now we have not used quotes for this challenge that are from the bible or that are very religious. Not that we won't....we just haven't yet. But, when I saw HIS the first thought that came to my mind is that I started this challenge at the same time that I allowed God back into my life. How awesome is it that now everytime I think of my challenge blog I will be reminded that I am HIS?

In the last few weeks at church the sermons touched on how "None of this matters when we get to Heaven." I have heard Pastor Tricia say this so many times. She reminds us that it doesn't matter what we look like, how many friends we have, the people we have hurt, the people who have hurt us, the sins we have sinned, the dreams we didn't go after, the car we drove, the house we lived in.....and so on. Although we carry a lot of unnecessary weight of worry about just about every aspect in life, it will not matter when we get to Heaven. So why worry so much? Have we forgotten that God forgives if we ask for forgiveness? Have we forgotten that the only One that truly matters is God? Why do we care who we please or displease here on earth? God is and should be the only judge. And, He does not want us to worry about things. God takes care of everything as long as we let him into our lives. It may take a good smack in the face or the unfortunate loss of almost everything in order for one to WAKE UP! Good news is that when you do wake up to face God, he will carry you through what lies ahead. We are HIS.

What I am thankful for today:
my newest layout
Pastor Tricia
the sunshine
Diane my P.O. (personal organizer)
my cheerleaders in life:
Jen R
my teachers
my customers
my store
my budding flowers
my health
positive minds
my children
my pets
my home
The Biggest Loser
the power to change your mood, your attitude, your life.