Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?

I am reading this book that was given to me by one of my favorite customers/teachers from my store. It is called Do Dead People Watch You Shower? It is written by a woman named Concetta Bertoldi who is a Medium.

When Wendi learned that I LOVE learning about life after death, ghosts, and so on...she said that I have got to read this book. I started it two days ago and am already half way through it. I think I am on page 115 to be exact. I cannot put this book down. You can click on the title of this blog entry and see Concetta's website for yourself.

If you are wondering what the answer to that question 'Do dead people watch you shower' is.....the answer is yes. You are all thinking...oh my GOD! Why would they embarrass us this way? Well, there are many answers to this question. One thing you need to know is that when we cross over we are One with God, all of the same energy. So, if God is with us all the time (even in the shower) so are your loved ones who have crossed over. The good news is that when we cross over, we do not judge. We could care less if the one in the shower has a big butt, picks their nose, wears silly clothes, uses shampoo, punched a wall, were gay and so on. What they care about is our emotions and our state of being. When we cross over, we are surrounded by and fulilled with love, forgiveness and happiness, not anger, loss, or sorrow. We will not pick sides of an argument, or 'roll in our grave' as some would say during a awkward or bad situation that is going on down here. Like God, we will love unconditionally in heaven even if we didn't learn it while we were here on earth.

One of the reasons why I love this book is because I have had personal expreriences with loved ones who have passed on. I know already who I will see when I step into that light. It gives me peace.

One of the statements I read that made me laugh was: Are there different levels of heaven for different religions? Her answer was no. God not only made different races but different religions so that we could come together as One with God. God wanted us to have choicesand be different. What made me laugh is that she made the statement that you do not go into the light and ask, "Where to the Catholics go?" And you do not get an answer like, "Catholics to the left, Jews to the right, and Prodestants down the hall." When we are one with God, we are One. It doesn't matter what race, sex, or religion we were here on earth. Which means it doesn't matter what we believe in as far as religion as long as we believe in God.

Before I close, I need a lot of prayers for multiple people in my life. One is my friend Jen who lost her grandfather yesterday. Jamie lost a friend of hers to a motorcycle accident two nights ago. My cousin Randy's mom is in the hospital. My sister-in-laws grandmother is ill. Melinda's Nan is still hanging after weeks of not doing well. And we need some prayers for Tricia. May they all find the comfort and the peace they need to get through each passing day.

What I am thankful for today:
Wendi sharing this book with me
the awesome abilities that Mediums have
my children
an awesome walk and time at the park this morning with Diego and Makenna
another beautiful day
knowing that our loved ones who have passed are always with us
quality time with my kids
quality time with my friends
the power of prayer
my store
my customers
my teachers
time with Jen today
Jeremy for taking me to the doctor yesterday
hot chocolate
everyone who loves and supports me unconditionally