Sunday, November 8, 2009

So Much Going On but Life is Good

I am coming off of a very busy week. Both kids were sick which put a change of events in the works. However, both are much better now and I stayed healthy!! Whoo hoo!

Melinda's Nan is still hanging on. Like I had said there may be some unfinished business there. Just knowing how ill she was last week has us all stumped. No one knows how long she will be with us and are just enjoying each moment we have with her.

Lots of awesome opportunities arrose at work. I will be starting to teach classes at the Hellertown Library in December. And, shortly after that, I will teaching classes at Saucon Manor right down the street from my home. Business is picking up and my classes are getting much fuller. I have met so many new wonderful people in the last few weeks. It makes me laugh to know that these woman think they are not good at their crafting when in reality they are very very good at it! I have had some beginners. When I say beginners...I mean, all they own is pictures...LOL! Yesterday I enjoyed helping them start their new hobby.

A wonderful customer of mine, Kathryn, will start teaching classes in my store in December. She has been such a wonderful supporter to me and my business. PMS Day is very popular with the ladies and each month seems to get fuller. A woman Michelle who was referred by another one of my awesome customers, will be coming to talk to me about the possibilty of teaching photography classes at my store. Her work is very similar to Sabotta Imagery. Jeff has been extremely busy and unable to teach classes for me. But I am so thrilled that he is as busy as he is doing something he loves.

Life at home is good, life at work is good. I cannot stop thinking about all that I have to be thankful for. I think for the first time in my life, I absolutely love who I am and who I am becoming. (No not in a concieted way....LOL!) That catapillar that once thought she was ugly inside and out is finally evolving into that butterfly she has always wanted to be. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who continues to love and support me. Thank you for being my inspiration, my rocks to lean on, the arms I can run to when in need of a hug, the smiles I need when I am feeling down, and the glue that helps hold me together. Life is good but it is because of you that helps make it and keep it that way.

What I am thankful for today..
my friends
my teachers
my customers
this beautiful day
my children
my pets
the health of me and my loved ones
the sunshine
pancakes (thank you Jer for making them this morning!)
the time I had with my kids this past week
laughing so hard my stomach hurts
Rachel and her sarcasm
Diane for being the best neighbor and friend!
Jamie...thank you for coming over Friday!
All the time I get to spend with Jen
lunch with mom
my store
time alone
new opportunities