Thursday, July 16, 2009

True Inspiration and My Neighbors

Today is a great day. Never did I think that I would affect someone they way I have by spreading the news of The Secret. I have been blogging about my friend Shawn lately who suffers from depression. Not only did The Secret bring him into my life but it enabled me to bring so much positivity into his life. In therapy today his therapist told him that for the first time she sees him have hope. When she mentioned that, he told her that no therapist has ever seen that in him. He told her that he has been hanging around with a very positive person and that they have made him open his eyes to a new way of thinking. Then he said he is not sure why after years of trying to improve himself that with no effort he is getting better. I simply said it is because something clicked and it was the right time for him. (Same thing happened to me.) I cried, without him knowing, because I am overwhelmed not knowing how to handle the fact that I ...little ole me......has had such a drastic impact on his life. He is completely changing everything in his life for the better because of me. How am I supposed to handle that? I am happier than I have ever been. All I wanted was to be able to touch people's lives with The Secret, I had no idea I would affect certain ones this way. I can now hear the smile in his voice when he calls me, instead of the pain I once heard. Shawn's therapist mentioned the book The Secret to him in hopes that he reads it. He made sure that she knew he already has the book but has yet to be able to read it. Shawn honestly wants to get better and I can feel that from him. It is what makes me stay by his side. He will overcome this and I am already proud of him for opening his eyes, his mind and his spirit to a whole new way of thinking. Which....will lead him to a whole new way of life.

On the phone with Diane, I cried to her...LOL! I told her that I came to a major realization today. Not many may know this but I really didn't want the house that Jeremy and I bought....the one we are in now. However, God brings things into our lives for the best whether we see it right away or not. I now know why God wanted me to live there. I honestly believe that Diane and Rudy were meant to be in my life. Between helping me and Jeremy out throughout the last 5 years and becoming my best friends, I could not see my life without them. They are both a huge blessing to me and my family. Of course as I am crying, telling Diane this, she is crying too. LOL! Funnily enough my Daily Teaching for today is:

If there was a particular house you wanted, or a particular relationship or job you wanted, and you didn't get it, the Universe is telling you that it was not good enough and did not match your dream. It is also telling you that it has something BETTER and more worthy of you.

Something better is're allowed to be excited!

Hmmmmm, coincidence....I think not!

What I am thankful for today:
My neighbors Diane and Rudy
Shawn and his open mind, his friendship, and his smile
my positive influence
alcohol being legal...LOL!
Maryann's 1st class tonight at my store
knowing that something good always comes out of something bad
my home
happy tears
knowing that I can make a huge difference in someone else's life
Jenn and Buffy for running the Kids Camp this week
Gavin who is currently cracking me up dancing to Nickelback
Makennna for making us laugh dancing to Pink right before
My Daily Teachings
jumping on the trampoline with Makenna and Melissa last night
then eating ice cream with Magic Shell...mmmmmmmmm
ice water
my run with Jenny tonight
my friends