Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chances Are - Scrapping the Music Challenge

I had this picture that I knew was going to have to be scrapped. The picture is of Squeaky (the white cat) and Alice (in the frame), two of my favorite cats at The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. One day looking at my Home page of Facebook I noticed that The Center posted that Alice was adopted. Although I wish my first reaction would have been excitement that one of my favorite kitties finally had a home, I started to cry. I realized that I probably would never see her again and it made me very sad. Volunteering there as much as my kids and I do does make it hard not to get attached to certain animals. My 4 year old surprises people by knowing a lot of shelter cats by name. There are over 400 cats housed at that shelter.

Alice and I grew fond of each other the very first day we met. She was brought in with 5 other cats that looked just like her. They were rescued out of a hoarders home. Alice was not expected to live given the condition she was in when they found her. Most of her siblings did pass away. Alice is a little fighter. She reminds me of my Chloe which I have at home. This could be another reason I bonded with her. Squeaky is 18 years old. He seemed to bond with Alice when she came in. The two of them would be seen laying next to each other pretty often. It was as if they were waiting for me to come in.

When Alice was adopted, I went to the shelter telling myself that I had to be happy for Alice but still felt an emptiness when I arrived. My friend Christine, another volunteer at the shelter,. was so kind to leave this framed picture of Alice for me at the desk. Well of course I lost it. After composing myself and going in to the room where Squeaky was, I set this picture on the floor so that I could take some pictures. Squeaky walked right over to it and laid down to stare at the picture. I could not believe my eyes. Even Wendy the Vice President of the shelter took some pictures of the scene.

Now, Alice finds herself back at the shelter and Squeaky has been adopted. I was so happy to know that Squeaky and his sister Snowball (she was 20), will live out their senior years in a home together. As for Alice, her and I had a chat that she needs to stop doing this to me. This was her second time being adopted then brought back. Unfortunately some people do not give the animals much time to adjust to their new homes. Alice needs more than a few days to adjust. For now, I enjoy going in to see my Alice. And, she always welcomes me with her fluffy fur and her one little fang.

Because this song had the line, 'Chances are we'll find two destinations' I thought because Alice and Squeaky will not end up together, I thought it was perfect.

Here is what was used:
Close to My Heart Wings Paper Pack
Close to My Heart Wings StickEase
Stampin Up! Scalloped Punch (flowers)
Stampin Up! Champagne Glitter Paint
Cricut Machine and Cartridge Accent Essentials