Saturday, April 25, 2009

PartyLite and Inspiration!!

Today has been a very busy day. I came into work at 10am and by 11:30 was on the phone with my PartyLite leader getting training for the starter show I had today. Thinking that it was only going to take me an hour to get to this party, I left at 1:15 when the party was starting at 3:oo. Well, it took me an hour and a half. I was still in a great mood, and kept telling myself that this was going to be a GREAT show!! When I arrived I had exactly 20 minutes to set up and get Nicole ready for her starter show. Still I kept my cool, got my table ready, and people started coming in the door. 15 guests later.....Nicole is starting her PartyLite business with an $800 show. Since the show is not closed yet, there is a great chance that the amount will be higher. I was so proud of her for getting all of those people there AND she had about $300+ in outside orders! Nicole is very motivated and a lot like me. She will make herself a goal and run after it. I know she will do great at this. Like me, Nicole has a full time job....however hers is an hour drive from her home. If I can fit PartyLite into MY life, anyone can. And, because of this Nicole knew that this job was for her.

Kate....well I have to say she inspired me soooooooo much today. This woman has no clue how much I love and adore her. Recently she had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. I was on the phone with her the day before as we were both in tears....she was fearful. By the end of our conversation on that day, she was laughing. Now her surgery is over and she is undergoing the chemo treatments. Last night was the first time since her surgery that she went out and did a show. She went out covered in a rash from the treatments which itches like mad. And, she is on the verge of losing her hair. Actually her exact words were, " By next week I will look like Mrs. Clean." Of course we were laughing. My thought is, here is this woman not feeling well, scared not knowing if these treatments will work and she is still laughing and doing her PartyLite shows! Now she did say she has her ups and downs....totally to be expected. But, Kate refuses to complain, she refuses to let anything get her down. I pray and pray that I can be like her if I were to ever go through what she is. Her positive attitude is what will MAKE her survive. She is looking souly at all the good and allowing it to overtake the bad. She is a true inspiration.

What I am thankful for today:
PartyLite PartyLite PartyLite
Nicole (my newest sponsor)
Kate (my PartyLite Leader)
Diane for watching my store and putting tons of kits ROCK!
Linda for taking the kids so that Jer could help my brother build his house and I could work.
two new customers that I had this morning
my angels who helped me get to and from the PartyLite party safely
my GPS aka Auto Angel
15+ positive people all in one room!!
Promoting out to Team Leader in June!!!
my over abundance of time
the weather today
my working air conditioning at the store
knowing that even though I was running late for the party, forgot things, and spilled candles all over my car.....I STILL MADE THE BEST OF IT AND HAD A BLAST!
knowing that nothing in this world is worth complaining about...someone always has it worse than me.