Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy happy happy!!

All I can say is that I am so happy. Things with Gavin are looking up and he is currently having a blast with his cousin Justin who is going to sleep over tonight. Zachary is here watching Garfield with me and Makenna is getting ready for bed. I love hearing the kids laughing and playing.

Erika is at my store while the crazy 5-midnight crop is going on. They are enjoying wings, sloppy joes, apple pie and lots of other goodies!! Looked yummy when I was there. And Mesha's homemade salsa was sooo delicious! I had to try it before I left. I love my customers, their creativity, their loyalty and their awesome positive spirits!

Erika and I had a blast with our store meeting today, poolside. Makenna and Allison played forever in the pool. I got a nice sun burn. Day was soooo good! I actually started out breaking my mile run record this morning at the gym. I ran one mile in 7.33. The fastest I have ever run was 7.54. YAY! I was able to pound out 4.5 miles in 35 minutes...that includes the cool down. Must say I impressed myself. (And, Heather.. she was making faces at me saying I was so focused that I needed to smile.) Believe me, I was smiling all day!

My mom and I have been having lots of heart to heart chats. She mentioned how proud she is of me for standing my ground with Gavin and not giving into his selfishness. I know he will outgrow this. Hopefully it will be soon. I love how close my mom and I have gotten. She is one of my best friends. Well, I am headed to my baby's. We are going to enjoy some ice cream out by the fire on the deck under the stars.

What I am thankful for today:
ice cream
my cousins
my kids
my pets
the store
my customers
the sunshiine
meetings by the pool
my dreams coming true
my new high tech cell phone
my family
breaking my running record
my health
the classes I am teaching in July
Shawn my best friend in the world!!
both Heathers
Jennifer G
my sister-in-law
my niece doing such a great job at her graduation
m upcoming career addition
ice water
the gym
my life
the chance to change anything we want, do anything we want, and be anything we want to be