Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kate's Classics

Last night on the phone with my friend Jenny, we closed her PartyLite show. PartyLite is a company that I am a direct seller for. They sell candles, spa items, candle accessories and much more. Jenny and I were on the phone until after midnight just chatting. When I got off the phone I could not sleep. I kept thinking of how much I love PartyLite and how PartyLite helped Jenny and I become very good friends. I am not that active with PartyLite right now because of my store. However, I do have another show this Saturday night.

Today when I was getting my games together and printing out the hostess specials for Saturday, I started to become very excited again about getting out there and doing this show. The hostess Amy is a girl who had a show for me 2 years ago. I knew she would host another one since she loves the products and so did all of her guests.

Suddenly I realized that if it wasn't for Kate, my unit leader, I would not have even thought about having a dream to go after. Maybe I never thought that I was cut out to have my own business. Maybe I thought my Bi-Polar Disorder would get in the way. Then there is the fear of failing.

When I started PartyLite, one of the reasons I loved it is because your unit leaders were not up your butt. I also liked that I didn't get anything taken away from me if I didn't get to any meetings, or for having an empty calendar. Ya know, the only person I was hurting by not having a full calendar or going to the meetings was me.

Because Kate is in New Jersey it was very difficult for me to get to her meeting. I have to say that I did get to some of the meetings and man were they a BLAST! However, I was lucky enough to come accross another unit leader from the Lehigh Valley area who was more than willing to take me under her wing. Jen allowed me to attend her meetings so that I could get the training I needed and it allowed me to be in bed at a decent hour.....unlike Kate's meetings which would get me home after midnight. Kate was very happy to know that I was going to meetings even though they were not hers. Both Jen and Kate were very different in their training but equally as good.

I look back to all those times that Kate called me and inspired me. I would get off the phone and do everything we had discussed. Whether it be make goals, call customers, or whatever, I always had the motivation after getting off the phone with her. At one meeting she wanted me to discuss in front of everyone how I took my business from nothing to booking shows. I was a little nervous, mainly because I was talking about myself. I was thinking....who cares about me? What is funny is that Kate cared. Kate was not looking at me to make her money. Kate was looking at me to make my own dreams come true. At that time, I really didn't know what my dreams were.

Now that I am sitting here in my store, looking at everything I could want....for now....I thank Kate for showing me that we can figure out what we want and get it. I will always be a part of Kate's Classics, our unit, because I will always sell PartyLite. It is not an obligation but something I thoroughly enjoy. Hopefully in time Kate and I can meet up. I just emailed her today and thanked her for helping me create my dreams. Unfortunately with how busy I have been I have not taken the time to fill her in on my latest accomplishments....until now.

Today I am thankful for Jen for allowing me to attend her meetings and treating me as though I was a part of her unit. I thank her for giving me motivation to keep going and helping me go after my dream. I am thankful for Kate who helped me create my dream and for showing me that all things are possible. Both of them have been very positive influences in my life and I will never forget them.