Friday, January 9, 2009

Day time classes

Today I actually sat down and thought about what I would teach if I were to teach a class. With the interest in day time classes growing, and knowing I am usually the only one there during the day.......hmmmm...not a bad idea.

The decision was not hard on the first project since there it was in front of me. The other day I decided to take scraps that I had of our recycled paper by Jillibean Soup and 'do something' with it. One thing you must know about me is that I hate waste. Within a couple of seconds I had this bright idea to create all-occasion mini cards. It seriously took me under 5 minutes for each card. And, they are adorable and easy to do. YEAH! I have an idea!

Then surffing the net I am trying to go out of my box and journal more. So here I am looking up quick and easy things to create to include journaling and pictures. Now, I have not yet created one myself but it looks simple. My second choice is an Accordion Tag Album. I love making tags and decorating them with ribbon and emellishments.

The best thing about each of these projects is that they can be used for any occasion and for any theme.

What I am thankful for today.....the gift of imagination.