Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

I am back! It has been two weeks since I have blogged and I apologise to those who are faithful readers and who were looking for inspiration, for taking so long. I want to take the time to thank all of those who have been commenting on how much of an inspiration I am to them. This blog about my life, has helped me heal not only myself but others as well. Some may not agree with my conclusions, my beliefs, or anything that I write....and that is ok. It is your choice whether or not you read it. And, your choice to take things whatever way you choose.

In a well needed therapy session this past week I mentioned to my therapist something that Shawn had brought to my attention. He said, "What would you do if someone threw you into a body of water?" I of course said, "Swim." When he asked why, I said, "So that I don't drown." Basically what he was getting at is that when the world seems to come down hard on us, we keep going and do what it takes to stay alive. A cute image of Dory from the Movie Finding Nemo suddenly popped into my head. It was the part of the movie where she sings, "just keep swimming, swimming swimming." I start to laugh every time I think of it. I know it what I need to do however, this anchor keeps trying to pull me down. My therapist loves my analogies since they are usually humorous. However, she said to me, "Amy, why don't you take the time to just float? Stop and take a break so that you do not get tired of swimming in this pool of life." I was like, "Float? Why didn't I think of that?" It is probably because I am too busy swimming to stay alive that taking a break was never even an option. After a lot of praying and talking to my angels for guidance and support, I feel like I have accomplished the floating. LOL!

When you are feeling the weight of the world, just float. That is my new advice. Think about those positive people who ARE by your side. Chances are they outweigh those who are not. Think about the things you have to be grateful for. Think about and picture in your mind the things that make YOU happy. Look for advice in those who believe in you and do not judge you. In time it is as if everything else will just disappear. What you are left with is peace.

The quote I received today was: Champions get up, even when they can't. Being knocked down in the past to the point of being in a depression, I was far from a champion. This time I am not allowing ANYTHING to bring me down to the point of staying there. The song, "Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty was on when I left my store yesterday. I turned off the radio and smiled. I know I am strong and no one will make me believe me otherwise.

What I am thankful for today:
My truest of friends:
Rachel (thanks for coming over today!)
Jen R
the wonderful ladies I have met through my store (thank you for your support!)
my therapist who is so proud of me right now!!!
Finding Nemo
the power of prayer
my strength
standing up to what I believe in
Makenna doing well at her first day of school
time with my children
my home
my store
my future
this beautiful day