Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today was Great!

Today was a great day! I spent most of it with Makenna at the Feline Frenzy event in Macungie. Chris and Christine did a great job setting up the table. They brought their foster kittens which certainly were a hit, especially with the kids. Makenna's new friend Reilly was there. She is Christine's niece and is the same age as Makenna. The two of them get a long sooooooo well. Here are some pictures from today:

I purchased two books which I will be posting quotes from I am sure. The event was like a huge yard sale. Right up Jeremy's alley....LOL! I found out that Christine's husband is in a Christian Rock cool is that? I really like Christine and Chris. They are both inspiring, sweet and giving people.

My mom came with us today. She enjoyed Makenna's love for the animals. After we left the event, we took Makenna to Build A Bear for her birthday present from my mom. She got a sparkly kitty which she named Beauty. The clothes are just too cute. And they even have shoes and a bed...geez! Where was this stuff when I was a kid? I could not stand Barbies and dolls. I would have taken stuffed animals to dress up any day!


What I am thankful for today:
a great day today!
having the family over for dinner tomorrow
my kids
quality time with family and friends
my pets
my new dress for church tomorrow
breakfast with my family at church tomorrow
getting Makenna's banner done
the power of prayer
flowers flowers everywhere
Chris and Christine
Reilly (Makenna's new friend from the shelter)
my home
bills getting paid
my store
my customers
the followers of my blogs
new books