Monday, March 30, 2009

Goosfraba moment

So, I know I blogged this morning but I need a moment for goosfraba. LOL! Someone sent me an email this morning about the fact that they feel I send out to many emails and they wanted to be eliminated from my list. LOL! Out of respect I took her out of my contacts. I do send out a lot of emails and that is why I try to keep the weekly newsletter my main means of communication. Besides a lot of emails are out of excitement about my growing and successful business. What is funny is that EVERYONE sends me emails telling me how much they enjoy reading my emails. These are the positive people that I want to attract to my store anyway. So a big hug to all those wonderful people who share in my excitement and continue to be inspirations to me. It is because of you that negative people do not get me down and keep my chin up. I know I will run into this from time to time and that is totally ok. It comes with owning a business. Contacting me about taking her out of my contact list was one thing but the comment about sending out too many emails, was just uncalled for. It isn't going to make me stop sending out emails because I know that people enjoy them. I love the word Goosfraba because I was taken back from her email at first....all I needed to do was say the word...and I was over it. LOL!

I am grateful for Goosfraba, my friends, and all of my wonderful customers. I am also thankful for this lady for keeping me in check with the positive people I have in my life. I believe sometimes we all need that! Hugs all around!!