Friday, June 19, 2009

9 Ways Humor Can Heal & Knowing You Will Be Ok

Since I cried so hard the other night, my nose is just STUFFY STUFFY STUFFY! Man, what one negative night can do to a person! I also realized that I have not laughed much in the last few days. Funny enough, I was sent this article that I somehow missed the other day. Today the title caught my attention. It was exactly what I needed. The article is called, 9 Ways Humor Can Heal. Click the title of this blog since it is linked to the article. I loved it!

Have you ever had a moment where you just needed to have a sign and fast that would tell you that everything would be ok? Well, I have been feeling this for the last 3 days. We all get into ruts where we need to see even a little crack of light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us get so blinded in the dark that we do not even see hope of that light. Well, I do not give up....most of you know that by now. Everyone who surrounds me tells me how positive I am and how I will make it through the worst of things whether I believe it or not. Love those people who are constantly reminding me that. However, one really needs to feel it within. So, I decided to pray.....and I mean pray until the tears are streaming down my face (another reason for the stuffy nose). It reminds me of the scene in Bruce Almighty when Jim Carey is told to pray. The first prayer was very quick and not very heartfelt. The second prayer was from deep down in his soul. I remember hearing Morgan Freeman saying, "Now THAT was a prayer!" It is almost as if I can hear God speaking to me saying those exact words when I am finished. Too bad he cannot hand me a tissue when there are NONE near me....LOL! Guess you can't have it all, right? Tonight I was very discouraged since it has been three nights and no signs. God does work in misterious ways...on his own time. Keeping that in thought, I told myself that it will come. Tonight it was like a switch in my head. All of the sudden out of nowhere something just clicked. I knew with every inch of my being that everything was going to be ok. Tears streamed down my face out of relief, out of satisfaction, out of peace. God does answer our prayers, but you'd better be listening. Thankfully my angels communicate to me through music. And, when they do I KNOW IT! How blessed am I? Not once have they failed me with the lyric or song. Not once have I had to question what this means. I was told by two different people that I am very blessed since I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many angels and loved ones who have passed. I feel them around me all the time. They will keep me heading towards the light even when things start to get dark. Yes, this week was not as positive as I would have hoped. But this doesn't mean that this will continue, as long as I do not allow it too. My angels will see that I don't.

What I am thankful for tonight:
the power of prayer
the article, 9 Ways Humor Can Heal
Bruce Almighty
being surrounded by angels and loved ones all the time
signs from my angels
my friends aka angels here on earth
Heather for coming in the store to visit me tonight
Zachary and his wonderful hugs
Jen and her 3 silly boys (thanks for visiting me too!)
a fun and full stamping class last night
my health
the health of my family and friends
the sunshine
going to see my dad race tomorrow
the power of positive thinking
funny movies
an awesome night's sleep tonight
silly memories from the past
people I can share those memories with
knowing everything will be ok