Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New Song & A Peaceful Sign

There is a new song that is out now that really sticks out when I hear it. After looking it up and finding the lyrics, I know why. Shawn has told me almost everything that these lyrics say. It is as if he wrote the song himself. He tells me that I am beautiful and clarifies that it is not just outter beauty. When he is complimenting the way I look he says, "You look nice today". When he is complimenting me as a whole, he says, "You are beautiful." Sometimes he will say something about little aspects of me like my smile, my hair, how soft my skin is and so on. He says that the room lights up when I walk into it. The thing I love is how heartfelt he is. When he says stuff like this it is random, sparatic, and said with his heart, not his mouth. His face changes, his eyes seem deep. It melts me when he compliments me because I can honestly tell that he means it. When you get the chance, look up the song on Youtube. It is called Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

Today I had a very rushed and what could have been an extremely stressful day. Erika helped me put things into perspective on the phone in the middle of it but then I found myself driving and feeling very tense. This will all change on Thursday when I go to The Healing Place. Anyway, in my travels during the traffic and headache that was starting, I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer. It was very simple....something like, "God please take this stress off of me and get me through the day." I had to stop at a light only to look at the bumper sticker on the car in front of me that read "Be in Peace" Well I knew that God answered prayers but never realized how quickly at times....LOL! I felt this sense of calmness. I knew that everything was going to be fine. Normally I would call Shawn and say, "Honey I need a quick 'talk'." I would tell him what my issue was and he would respond, "Just do what you have to do, you will be fine, you always are." He has so much more confidence in me that I have in myself. I could not call him today because he has been putting in extra hours at his part time job which has no cell phone service.

I realized that at times like these, a quick prayer is all we need. We are not alone. God wants us to feel peace. We are here to be happy and successful, not to struggle. So if you ever are in need of a friend, do not forget that while you may not get one on the phone, the most important one is only a prayer away and is always listening.

What I am thankful for today:
the power of prayer
my friends
my family
my kids
my pets
signs that come from above in so many different ways
my bed
a roof over my head
my jeep
feeling beautiful
the blue sky
Michelle and all the girls from the store that came and got their pictures taken tonight
Judy for watching the store
Rachel (my Avon Fairy)