Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost reaching a Goal

Well I did it. I got on the scale. The moms in the locker room were asking me why I would do such a thing....LOL! I should have told them that Heather wanted me to make sure it works.....HA HA HA! Obviously it doesn't get used much.

It has been over two months since I have weighed myself. Not having a regular workout routine is one of the reasons why I waited. Recently putting on clothes that I dared to try on in earlier months, I have noticed that things are either better fitting or just way too big. Of course getting on the scale was not a scary event once I had this realization. I have my goal weight in my head, maybe it is too low, but I am going to see how close I can get. Last time I weighed myself I was 142 lbs. According to my age, height and body structure that is 6 pounds overweight for me. I should fall into the 116-136 range. I had a fitness analysis done a couple of years ago. I am very pleased to announce that the scale (it is the type at the doctors offices) said 133. YEAH! I am 1 pound away from hitting 10 pounds. And, I did this without a regular fitness routine. WHOO HOOO! Good-bye size 12.....good-bye size 10's.....I am a happy size 8 on my way to a size 6.

I will reach this size in no time once Makenna goes to school. I plan on making myself have a steady fitness routine even if I exercise at home for 20 minutes a day. Were you aware that Jennifer Aniston, a person I truly admire, keeps her body the way she does by simply exercising 20 minutes a day? She will run, do yoga, aerobics, weight training.....as long as it is something every day. I can do that! I work part time at a gym...I better be able to do 20 minutes.....LOL!

Right now I am feeling very good about myself. And what is nice is that I do not feel that losing the weight was much work at all. Shawn and I faithfully watch The Biggest Loser because it inspires us so much. Man do those trainers bust their butts! I am so thankful that I didn't have to work as hard as these contestants. When is that coming back on anyway?? Sometimes I feel like I need a Jillian in my life. LOL! She kicks major booty!

One of the things that I have to admit was that the thought of not being able to accomplish my goal with my weight was never an issue. Never once did I feel that I could not do it. It also helps to have support from those around me. The people telling me how good I look, Brad at the gym telling me "Damn girl...you keep going" while making silly poses with his biceps, Heather who will once in a very blue moon ask me to walk to the bank with her during our shift or after work when she comes to pick up Zachary. I do have a huge support team who is not nagging or degrading but very much into helping me achieve the goal I want to achieve.

 I received a fortune cookie the other night that read: Do not offer advice at the time of a crisis, offer assistance. While I do not believe that my weight was ever a crisis but maybe just an unwanted issue I had, my friends did exactly what the fortune cookie said. They offered assistance in any positive way that they caould. And, they continue to do so. All you have to do is tell people what you want and make sure it is the right people. There will be some that have to give their advice...unwanted of course. So make sure that your support team is actually supporting you and what you want rather than what they want for you. I am so grateful that I have this in every aspect of my life. God has surrounded me with wonderful people to be my teammates in life. What is wonderful is that we all help each other achieve our own goals and dreams. We want to see everyone happy and successful and we support them in any way we can.

What I am thankful for today:
my weight
my blog
my support team(s)
The Power
my children
my friends
my jeep
my customers
my store