Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Not so Positive Day

So you know we all have them....those days where getting out of bed is a chore and we really do not want to do anything at all. Thankfully of all days for me to feel this way, it was yesterday when I had the day off. Yes, even us positive people have crappy days.

Coming off of a very busy week with lots of very negative events, I think it finally was my time to regroup, focus and lay low. At the start of our week last week our two vehicles broke, as well as our coffee maker and our washer and dryer. Thanks to Jenny, she brought us a new coffee maker out of pity...LOL! After a huge bill on an expensive part, my van was fixed. Until the weather warms up, my husbands jeep is staying parked. We unfortunately think it is the transmission. Through all of our stuff breaking, Makenna has decided not to poop. I have spent the last week in the bathroom with her EVERY 10 MINUTES. Today, I have had it and I called the doctor. She is not constipated. It is called.....stubborn. The doctor has yet to call me back and Makenna has yet to poop since Friday. She is still eating and today she is actually in good spirits. Yesterday was a very different story. This is also coming off of a week of very little sleep. I think there was only one night that I got to bed before 2am.

As for the washer and dryer, we thought the washer was fixed only to do a load this morning and have a flooded basement for the 3rd time. The dryer needs parts.

Then in conversation yesterday with my friend Cheryl, she has told me she is going through a very difficult divorce with two small children, and trying to sell her brand new home with absolutely no luck. On the phone with Kate a few minutes after I hung up with Cheryl, Kate tells me that she has breast cancer. So, can I jump off a bridge now? Not only was I already feeling very down yesterday but two people that I know I can count on to bring up my spirits, are completely dealing with their own major issues. I then decided that I was done. I was staying in my pajamas all day, sulking. I wanted to do absolutely nothing. I think the only thing I did do was the dishes. I am very anal about dishes being in my sink.

So today I am putting The Secret in effect. I am asking for my spirits to be lifted. I am asking for my child to get over this horrible fear of going to the bathroom. I am sending out positive thoughts to Kate and Cheryl knowing that they will get through their situations. And darn it I want a freakin NEW WASHER AND DRYER! Not a floor model, not a hand-me-down, not clearance .....brand spankin new, top of the line, with a long term warranty. I do not care how I get it, but I am going to get it. I am so tired of having issues with these appliances! I have never had a washer and dryer that I have not had issues with. So here are my positive thoughts: I am going to get brand new appliances, I am going to like doing my laundry because of them, they are going to be cost efficient, and environmentally safe. How's that?

I made a card for Kate today. I would have made one for Cheryl however, I do not have her new address. I know it means a lot to Kate when I make her a card. She is supposed to have her surgery tomorrow. Please send out prayers and positve thoughts for Kate. I know she is very scared. It doesn't help that she lost a best friend to Breast Cancer last year.

What I am thankful for today:
My hair, since I would have thought by now, I would be bald.
The sanity that I have left.
That I made Kate and Cheryl feel better just by calling them.
My card class tonight.
For the sun that is shining brightly today.

The awesome dreams I have been having, which I seriously thought would be nightmares with all that is going on.
Makenna being in a great mood.