Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Judgement and Appreciation

My Daily Teaching today was:

If you want to attract appreciation for what you do, then move through your life appreciating and complimenting others. If you find fault with another, then you just brought others finding fault with you. If you judge another, then you just brought judgement to you. And if you appreciate others, you will bring appreciation to you. You have to make the quality dominant in you first, before you can attract it in your outside world.

Wow! I read this and thought, this is so true. I can read people very well. If I hear someone always having issues and complaining, they always seem to have more issues and more to complain about. And, they never seem to be very appreciative of the good that they do have in their life. Do they? Maybe if they would concentrate on the things they have to appreciate, the things they have to complain about will start going away?

In my own life I have stopped complaining about people on the road. I have started to appreciate and become more aware of the nice drivers who allow you to go in front of them or actually do use a turn signal. I have been thankful every time I do not have to wait too long to pull out onto a busy street. I started appreciating all that I saw good out on the road. Guess what? I cannot tell you the last time I had to wait to pull onto Main Street (unless I am with my husband). It has been clear for me for months now. I cannot tell you the last time I got in back of someone who didn't use their turn signal. I also do not remember the last time I had to park more than 5 spots away from the store. The other thing I see in myself is that when I get behind someone who is driving slowly, it doesn't bother me. Now my thoughts are: "There is a reason why this car is in front of me going slowly right now. Could it be to save me from getting hit by another vehicle, or hitting a child crossing the road? Could it be because ahead there are deer crossing the street?" I no longer allow slow people to get me angry because God and the universe have a reason for EVERYTHING. There are reasons we get stuck behind people like this. And, if we get angry and pass judgement on people, we will bring more people to judge us. We will have more people angry at us.

So my words of wisdom when you get behind a slow person is....deep breath...say Goosfraba, and realize that this person could be protecting you from danger ahead. (Chances are you were already on the path to being late because you were rushing through your morning routine.) And if you want to stop getting angry, start appreciating. Like me, you will notice a big difference in the way your life starts to go. The driving is only one example of the amazing things you can do to change your life and go down a positive path. Happy trails!

Today I am thankful for:
Angels on the road
my van