Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Healing Place & Shawn

I know you are all waiting to hear the outcome of my appointment last night at The Healing Place. One word sums it up for me....amazing. Because I am high energy and I have an open mind this therapy will work wonders for me. If you are close minded and not open to learning or trying new things, this will not work for you. You also cannot go to the appointment with ANY expectations or a bad attitude. Honestly I had no idea what was in store for me. The effect and outcome is very different for everyone.

After some paper work I got on what looks like a massage table with two pillows. You are still in clothes and lying on your back. First she tells you to breath deep in your nose then out your mouth. She takes a stone tied to a string and searches the different chakras of your body. She wants to see what is imbalanced. If the string swings in a straight line, your chakra is out of balance. If it swings in a circle, your chakra is balanced. I only had one area that was imbalanced and funnily enough it was my forearms. This explains why my hands fall asleep all the time. When she was done with that I closed my eyes to find my happy place. I found myself walking in the pink sand of Bermuda. The pictures in my head kept changing. They were all very peaceful images. At one point I was walking towards my grandfathers house in Florida. There was a line of people standing in front of the house. When I got closer I stood very still. I saw my great-grandparents, this guy Brian who passed away when I was 21, my dad's step-mom and my grandfather (Clarence), and then Mimi (my grandmother). In shock, I just stood there. We engaged in a group hug. I remember thinking, "Why does Mimi have a cane if she is at peace?" The answer is because we see them as we remember them. After our group hug, I somehow was flying through the sky. It was blue with fluffy clouds and the sun shining brightly. In a huge band around the sun was a beautiful rainbow. I then opened my eyes. Linda was standing there smiling. She told me that I didn't have to tell her what I saw unless I wanted to. When I told her of my loved ones who have passed and that they were all there I started to cry. Of course they were happy tears. I was told many times that I am surrounded by many of my loved ones. I am so grateful that I was actually able to see them. I left feeling such a peace that I have never felt. I continue to feel it today. It was by far the best $25 I have ever spent. My spirit feels balanced for the first time ever!

Being that I was to have no obligations when I left there I sat in my car not knowing what I wanted to do. I called my friend Shawn. He asked if we could walk and talk. I was feeling very zen at the moment and said yes. We started walking at 8:30pm (the sunset was amazing) and didn't get home until 10:15. It saddens me to know that still after all these years he has not found the peace he is searching for. I will pray for him in hopes that God will show him the way and soon. Him and I have very similar issues. Through his tears I looked him in the eyes and said, "Shawn, there IS proof that you can be ok. It is standing right in front of you." Knowing he is not in a good place right now, I am not sure if it hit him. However, he just called me as I am typing this to thank me for last night. He said he is feeling much better today and appreciated the time I took to spend with him. He ended the conversation by saying that he hopes I have a good day and he hopes I keep in touch. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW! Did I mention that when I went to bed last night I slept better than I ever have? Life IS grand!

Today I am thankful for
a long walk and talk with Shawn
his call thanking me
The Healing Place
feeling totally peaceful
my open mind
seeing my loved ones who have passed
the pink sand in Bermuda (one of my happy places)
a wonderful day today
an awesome night tonight
a balance of energy
my deep connection with Shawn
my friends
my children
my pets
my store
my class tonight
my dreams
the ability to make them come true
my faith
knowing that when we are thankful, it brings more things to be thankful for into our lives.