Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Goosfraba weight issues! I am sitting here eating once again a cheeseburger from McDonald's when I get this email about an appointment I have tomorrow night in order to get my measurements taken. Suddenly I feel this urge to stop eating the cheeseburger and go for a run around my store...about 10 times. Ever since I have had my store, I have not been eating the way I should. I have gained weight due to lots of things such as; poor eating, going off medication, stress, and mostly because I stopped taking my tap classes. Now, I could sit here and feel crappy and sulk about the way I feel about the way I look. HOWEVER, The Secret has worked for many when it comes to weight loss, I have seen it with my own eyes. I am here to share with you what I am going to.

I am going to this appointment knowing in my head that by the time this wedding comes....actually sooner....that I WILL be a size 6. I know I will be. How do I know you are asking? Well, I did what The Secret said to do. I put a picture of myself in a bikini from 11 years ago...before childbearing days, next to my bed. Every night I focus on this picture and tell myself that I will look like this again! I thank the universe for keeping me healthy and making me skinny. (I seriously have not been sick since I read the book.)

I started the 10,000 step challenge and so far have reached 10,000 steps all but 4 days in one month. What makes up for those 4 days are the days that I was well over 10,000. I read yesterday that when you do the 10,000 step challenge it takes 6 months to lose all the weight. At first I was disappointed in the long wait. Then I read on to see that because it takes 6 months, the weight stays off. YEAH! LOVIN THAT! My clothes do not fit any better after one month which to most would be discouraging, but not me. I know my size 6 is coming. I am not going to sit here and think, "Well, I don't want this lady seeing me the way I look right now." Nor I am going to think that I will continue to be this weight in 2 years. HELL NO! LOL! Don't think that you can sit there and do nothing and lose weight. It is something you have got to work at. First you have got to work on your thinking! If you think you are going to stay at a weight you are not comfortable with then guess what....YOU WILL! Once you have it in your head that you will be that size you want, go after it. Start making a plan to achieve this goal. Sometimes it does include changing your habits which we all get stuck in....believe me I know!

I met a woman years ago when I worked in retail. She was once 1200 pounds. When I met her she was 550 pounds. She lost and incredible 650 pounds! Because I worked in a store that carried plus sizes she was able to find something to fit her. I was so inspired by this woman who was once stuck in a bed not able to fit out of her bedroom door. Here she was standing in front of me shopping for clothes when before she had to be naked covered with blankets. How did she get that heavy? She went through a depression that took years to get out of. She was always a larger lady from her teenage years and on. One day she made a decision that she was going to be able to lose enough weight to get into a car and go shopping for clothes. It took some time and lots of slow moving but she accomplished what she set her mind to do. The only surgery she had was the one where the doctors had to remove so much loose skin due to her weight loss.

Put yourself in her shoes. She could have given up, she almost died from being so unhealthy. All it took for her was one positive thought, one positive decision to get her where she is today. Do not sit there and tell yourself that you cannot do it. Tell yourself that you can and you will. If this woman can do it, anyone can. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to meet her and see first hand how someone can totally turn their life around.


What I am thankful for today:
the power to change anything in your life
the 10,000 step challenge
the power of positive thinking
inspirational people I have met throughout my life
my children thinking I am beautiful no matter what I look like or feel like
the picture of me in my bikini
the ability to walk whether rain or shine
Jenny who keeps me motivated to keep walking and keep up my faith in losing weight
sunsets which remind me that everyday is a new day and that I am that much closer to my size 6!!

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  1. Loving your STM Laoyut. Gorgeous with the three tilted pictures. Thank you so much for playing along with us!