Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Today my heart feels heavy. There are quite a few of my closest friends who are going through a trying time in their lives. I feel their pain, not only because they are people I feel so deeply connected to but also because I have been in their shoes....multiple times. God does surround us with the people that he knows will be there for us. Like the saying goes, Friends are angles here on earth. In the past, they have all done their share of being there for me. Now it is my turn to be there for them. Because there really isn't much that I can do to make their lives better besides being a good friend, I will continue to pray for them. The power of prayer is a very great force. And, God is there for us if we allow him to be.

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer. My heart is heavy for those I care about so deeply. May you comfort them during this time of struggle. Please give them the strength, faith and hope that they long for. Surround them with positive people, enlighten their hearts, and lift their spirits. May you take away any fears and worry that they feel. I pray that they feel your precence, your embrace and your love. I pray that you give me the strength in order to be able to be there for them, comfort them and help with whatever I can. I thank you for blessing my life with wonderful loving people. I pray that I may be able to give to them all that they have given to me. May you bless my loved ones with peace, happiness and good health. In your name I pray,

What I am thankful for today:
the sunshine
my friends
my family
my children
my health
my pets
the power of prayer
spring being around the corner
positive attitudes
open minds
English Muffins