Thursday, March 19, 2009

100 Things to be Thankful For....

I read in The Secret daily scripts that Jenny gave me that we are supposed to change our attitudes by writing down 100 things a day that we are thankful for. I gave this script to Buffy tonight while she was in class and she was like..."100???" At first I agreed that it sounded like a lot to do in one day. I have a hard time finding the time to write down 5-10 a day. So, tonight I have decided to try to write my 100 things and see how long it takes me. I am guessing that each day we can be thankful for the same things as the day before...right? It would be too hard to come up with 100 different things a day. So here it goes. It is now 10:46pm.....

100. my children
99. my family
98. my friends
97. my husband
96, my pets
95. the change of the seasons
94. my store
93. rainbows
92. the sun
91. sunsets
90. the changing of the leaves in the fall
89. my creativity
88. water falls
87. rain
86. flowers
85. my veggie garden in the summer
84. my gardens
83. my bed
82. soft, snugly blankets
81. my van
80. the fact that I can walk to my store
79. the times I have been able to walk with Diane and Jenny
78. HGTV
77. the show FRIENDS
76. the show Extreme Home Makeover
74. music
73. Amy Grant
72. the gift of writing
71. the color purple
70. the color blue
69. the sound of my children laughing
68. moments with my family
67. moments with my friends
66. vacations
65. Internet
64. my lap top
63. hot chocolate
62, green tea
61. water
60. coffee
59. chocolate
58. Chinese food
57. Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
56, angels
55. my experiences with the spiritual world
54. God
53. PartyLite
52. my PartyLite mentors
51, my PartyLite team
50. shoes
49. clothes
48. jewelry
47. shopping with my mom
46. time I had with all of my grandparents
45. movies
44. hot showers
43. time I had with all of my great-grandparents
42. my life experiences
41. tap dancing
40. my strength
39. Christmas shopping with my father every year
38. my nail clients
37. animals
36. the beach
35. each new day
34. time
33. quiet moments
32. dreams
31. goals
30. my home
29. palm trees
28. holidays
27. the classes at my store
26. my customers
25. the experiences at all the retail stores that I worked in
24. the people that I met in those stores
23. the smell of the beach
22. Cape May
21. Ft. Myers Beach
20. Disney World
19. Aruba
18. the peacefulness I feel when I watch my kids sleeping
17. times I get to play games with my friends
16. Raspberry Sours
15. Toasted Almonds
13. Fruit
12. the 13 years I worked at Mirror Images
11. massages
10. all the time I get to spend with my children
9. my health
8. my spirit
7. the times I laugh until my stomach hurts
6. the hours on the phone with Jenny
5, my wholesale companies
4. the teachers in my store
3. my past PartyLite hostesses
2. the support I receive from my family, friends, teachers, and customers
1. my blog

It is now 11:13 pm and I had to get up a couple of times in between. I am thinking that if I do this once a week, for a while it may be a very positive way to end or start my week. Funny thing is that now that I am done, a whole lot of things are coming to mind. Try this and see how it works for you. I would love to read yours.