Monday, July 25, 2011

Let the Gratitude Flow.....

Well today was amazing. And, I am so thankful for everything that happened. Messages were being sent to me with advice for my next adventures. I have seen so many signs, so many blessings and been told many times today to be prepared for a change.....a good change. While I part of me is a little nervous, of course not knowing what has me a little uneasy, the rest of me is ready to jump. I love the people who are on this positivity train with me. And, the fact that these inspirational people are reaching out to me and giving me insights and information that they are receiving from spiritual sources has me overwhelmed with emotions.

Yesterday was just as amazing in a total different way. The Christmas Card Classes at the store were so awesome. After, we had a party for my sister-in-law in celebration of her achievement with Stampin Up! I actually got teary eyed! YIKES! It was a great time.

What I was thinking about today was how we all have lessons to learn. And it takes us how ever long it takes to learn them. I realize that the reason I can give so much to others without expecting much in return is because I am fulfilled within. I have found that inner peace. There is no feeling of 'lacking' anything. Tonight I pray for those who are still seeking that fulfillment. May they ask for guidance from their angels and spirit guides. I know first hand that they help you find your way. And, they bring the right people in and take the wrong people out at just the right time.

I am eternally grateful for Robin. Her inspiration has shown me that you can get through any situation and choose happiness. I am grateful for all of my friends and family who are enjoying this journey with me. Tonight I thank my spirit guides and angels. Especially AA Raziel for showing me he is trying to get my attention so that he can guide me to where I need to be. I thank Linda from the Healing Place for sharing her amazing gift with me. Oh, and before I forget....I will be blessed by Robin on August 11th in which will be one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. I am so thankful that she has chosen me to share it with. Makenna has been my sunshine and brightening up my days with her love and her cute expressions. I am so grateful for her. Gavin was belly laughing so hard tonight that he made Makenna spit her water out of her nose. I am so thankful for that moment of sheer laughter between the two of them. My mom is always there for me in which I am so blessed. Jamie has shown me the true meaning of forever friendship which makes me thankful everyday. Erika, Diane, Jennifer, Heather, Rachel, all have so many things that I love about them. I am blessed to have as many wonderful people in my life as I do.

Can I just express how thankful I am for all the followers on Happy Inspirational Scrappin? WOW! I cannot get through my day without checking in with all those wonderful people. It just shows me that there are many positive, inspirational people still in the world. The connection we have amazes me! I am so happy that God lead me to creating a page like that. Everyone is so appreciative and filled with love. I am heading to bed now. Love and blessings to all!