Monday, March 21, 2011

Good News with a Side of Confidence

Today I found out that Gavin is going to the number one child counselor in the Lehigh Valley. And, Craig's insurance will cover the cost of 60 visits with a $20 copay. It made me feel really good that he is willing to get Gavin the help he needs. This counselor was recommended by a friend of my moms who has grandchildren that have benefited from this counselor, greatly. I am so thankful that my mom passed the referral. With a Healing Place appointment on Thursday and this new counselor, I know Gavin will be on his way to a better life.

I was actually inspired by my mom to write today. Little does she know it but her compliment overwhelmed me with happiness and peacefulness. My mom and Aunt took my kids and my niece and nephew to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday while I was at work. I love that my family is so willing to spend so much quality time with my children. I think my Aunt and my mom look forward to Chuck E Cheese just as much as the kids. LOL! After spending the day with the kids my my sent me a facebook message. She wrote that she is very proud of me and how I am raising my children. She said that they are both such wonderful and well behaved kids. It made me feel really good. My mom has been so gracious lately in telling me how proud she is of me. She constantly says she loves me now and offers to take my children more because of how much I am working. It feels nice not to have to ask someone to watch my kids. It feels nice to have your mom tell you how she feels even at 36 years old. I tell my kids all the time that I love them. My mom was not one to voice it all that much when we were kids.

I believe that if you tell your children that you are proud of them, at any age, it gives them a sense of self confidence. I can say I have more confidence now than I did as a child or teenager. I can clearly see that my kids are confident, especially Makenna. My kids are my world. If I can be confident about myself and work hard for what I want, it will be instilled in my children. My father was a work-aholic. And, his work ethic was definitely instilled in me. Meaning, that no matter how much you are making at a job, you work your hardest and do your best at it. Poor Heather isn't lucky enough to have found a staff that has much of a work ethic anymore. Everyone has lots of expectations and feel that they are 'above' their job at the gym. So, if they do not feel they are getting paid what they are worth, they will not fully do their job. Heather and I were raised the same way. If she did not have Zachary, we both agree that she would live at the gym. It may not be the healthiest way to work until you are ready to collapse, but we both agree that we work for every cent of our income. If only others were the same way our jobs would be a lot easier.

Today, I am proud of who I am. I am proud of the mother I have become and I am proud of the hard worker that I am. I feel good about myself. If my mom can see all the good that I am instilling in my children, than I must be doing something right. If my boss/best friend can rely on me to do jobs that most men would not do, than I will pat myself on the back. Confidence is not something you are born with, it is something you acquire. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and my children for showing me that I am a strong confident woman who is on the way to becoming a very successful person in every aspect of her life.

What I am thankful for today:
Chinese food
Brent who constantly makes me laugh
time to sit down and blog
the store looking really good, thanks Erika
flavored creamer
a long walk today with the pups
my friends
my kitties
the Center with Christine on Thursday night
Zumba and therapy on Wednesday with Jennifer
Shawn's new line of 'green' jewelry
the April 2nd Crop
Being in charge of the small group orientations at The Center
getting more hours at the gym (bigger pay checks!)
budding flowers
Makenna's upcoming 5th birthday!!
having the best neighbors in the world
my PartyLite catalog show this month
Rachel who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts
feeling complete and content with my life