Friday, April 2, 2010


At the gym this morning, I was wishing the kids Happy Easter as they left. One of the children, Adrian, I asked if the Easter Bunny was going to visit him on Sunday. He smiled at me and said, "No. Easter isn't about a bunny and candy, it is all about God." I said in response, "You are absolutely right." He was very content and happy as he left and wished me a Happy Easter. I believe that Adrian is either 5 or 6 years old.

I was delighted to know that this child was surrounded by so many children this morning talking about candy and the Easter Bunny, and yet was still content knowing that he wasn't spending his Easter the same way. And, he was happy for the other children and shared in their excitement.

In my childhood I was very fortunate to be able to have visits from the Easter Bunny but also know what the true meaning of Easter is. Everyone has their own opinions on how to deal with the different holidays and I am not here to judge those who do not do the same things as my family. It was just very nice to see a child of his age excited for the holiday without the 'extras'. How many children do you know that are excited about the resurection of Jesus? I do not know of any off the top of my head....besides Adrian.

Me, well, I am so excited that Jesus has died for our sins and will be rising on Easter morning. What greater gift could God give to us than his only Son? And, to do such an awesome thing for US. In time, I am hoping to instill the true meaning of Easter to my children. Little by little they are getting exposed to religeon. Makenna is interested in learning about Heaven right now. Honestly it is very difficult for Jeremy and I to answer all of her questions. The questions she has are very deep for a 4 year old. Church will help her as time goes on.

So today I am very grateful for the true meaning of Easter. And, for Adrian keeping his smile and contentment in what the true meaning of Easter is really about.

What I am thankful for today:
my children
the gym
my store
the sunshine
the power of prayer