Monday, June 14, 2010

God's Timing is Always Perfect

Last week I had a moment, ok a day, of wallowing in self pity....for less of a better phrase. I started off my day just tired and feeling very sluggish. It was a moment of trying to get myself to be positive when I really didn't feel like it. It was to me, work. Checking my email I find one from Jill who always asks me how things are. I was very honest with her although I do not like to complain, and told her I was having a rough morning. Her response was, "You have to check out this link:, It is very uplifting and the first couple of lines may even bring tears to your eyes." Have I mentioned how much I love this girl? I did go back and look at my blog and read my last entry. It did make me feel so much better. I am so thankful for her and her ability to snap me back into reality. I am so thankful that God brought her into my life.

Coming out of my funk, things progressively got better. More and more positive things kept coming into my life. Shelley from the Farmer's Market brought me a bouquet of flowers and a bracelet that said, You Are Love. We talked for a while and came to realize that we live very parallel lives. Another person I am so thankful for.

Erika and I came up with the idea of making her a Buyer for my store. She took off with the idea and will now be in charge of all the retail and everything that comes with it. Again, God brought someone into my life to make my life so much better. I am so thankful for Erika.

Then Jennifer G. knew that I wanted to focus on fundraisers at my store and took off with the idea. She sent out a bulk email to all of my teachers inquiring about hosting a fundraiser in August for the Animal Shelter that I volunteer at. Her ideas were amazing. And, just to know she took the time to do that for me when I never even asked.....amazing. Jennifer has been a great supporter of all I do, one of the cheerleaders that God brought to cheer me on and keep me going.

God's timing is perfect. No matter how impatient we are, there is a reason that things happen when they do. God does answer our prayers. He does bring people and circumstances into our lives that help us throughout our journey. But seriously, how many people acknowledge this? I try to look for everything good in every situation, even if I do not understand it or agree with it. I try to be aware of everything around me and all that I have to be thankful for. Jill, Shelley, Erika and Jennifer are only a few of the many cheerleaders I have in my life. And I am so thankful for each and every person that travels on my journey with me. We are here to help each other and make each others lives easier. I will support them in all they do on their journey just as they have for me.

What I am thankful for today:
the wonderful people who have been giving me donations for the shelter
my cheerleaders
my children
my pets
my family
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Adventures
Losing it with Jillian
the gym
my store
quality time
the power of prayer
my health
the sunshine
the beautiful flowers in my garden
my church family
signs from my loved ones who have passed away
my pets
my life