Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of one's actions or beliefs.

Do you know that besides God there are only two beings that know how to give unconditional love to it's fullest? Any ideas? It is our pets and our children. We can lock our pets outside without food and water for a week and they will still love us. We can smack them on the but with a newspaper when they pee on the floor...and they still love us. We can go months without paying any attention to our pets, and yet they still come running when we come in the door, they still sleep at our feet at night, they still show affection.

Same goes with children. A friend of mine is a social worker and used to tell me stories of her times going into homes to take away babies and pets from abused homes. These babies are beaten, neglected, malnurished by their parents and yet, they still want to be held by them and they still love them.

As I get older, I now finally at 36 years of age, know what unconditional love means. For me, it is taking the good and the bad of a person and loving them anyway. It is looking past their flaws and embracing the good in them. It is standing by their side through any given situation whether you believe it is wrong or right. It is the understanding that when we have a problem with someone else, it is actually an issue with ourselves. Once we realize that we can let go of the opinions and learn how to deal with people and situations much better. Not everyone is going to like everything about a person. Thanks to Heather not only did she point this out but she also made sure that I knew it is ok. It is how we deal with what we do not like about that person that matters.

There are 4 families that after being around them for over 15 years, I can see the uncontional love they have for one another....and for me. They have made me a part of their families with no hesitation. I have seen them over come such struggles and hold each others hands while going through it. I hope and pray that I can learn from them in order to be as they are with my children. I may not agree with their decisions as they get older, but I will always be there for them....letting them know that along the way. I always tell my children I love them and I always will. I will be there by their side through everything....maybe biting my lip at times, but know they need to grow and learn without my opinions. I want them to learn how to practice unconditional love so that they can pass it on to others that enter their lives. I am still learning and will continue to learn knowing that everything takes time.

What I am thankful for today:
The Borelli's
Jamie's entire family
Melinda's entrie family
The Platt's
my children
my pets
my teachers my customers
my friends
my family
unconditional love
this beautiful day