Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love is the highest frequency

While I was scrapbooking today, yes I actually MADE time, I was reflecting on my relationships with people. People from the past, people from the present. Some have come and gone, some have come back into my life and others have stayed away. Thinking about what I have been reading in The Power, I can clearly see why this happens.

Love is the highest frequency a person can be on. When we lose sight of love, we lack love. When we fight with people, complain about people and so on, we lack love. While this is happening we may lose people because we no longer feel love for them....and visa versa. There are people in my life who I absolutely love, always have and always will, whether it is family or friend or Shawn. My relationships with these people work and work well because of the love we feel for each other. Yes we have different opinions, different life styles, different interests..... but we do not allow that to affect the love we feel. And, because of the love we are able to communicate well and accept the differences in each other. We do not allow outside influences to affect our relationships nor do we judge or criticize each other in any way.

I have to brag, mainly because I feel like the luckiest person on earth. How many people do you know have so many amazing friends? How about the relationship with their partner? How about the relationship with their kids? I am truly blessed. My friends are the spice of my life. Jamie, my soul-mate who has always continued to love me no matter what even if she doesn't agree with me. Rachel who kills me with laughter with her dry sense of humor, is ALWAYS there whether we speak once a week or once a month. Melinda is my mouth...the person who taught me to speak up in any situation. Jen R. listens to me when I need an ear and has offered so much help. Erika has shown me that I do have a clone....LOL! How two people who are very much alike can get along so well, I will never know. Ha ha ha ha! Heather is my 'bring me back to reality' friend. She is so logical and so strong. She may not agree but she is. Then there is Jennifer G who makes me laugh and keeps me sane in childcare. Jill who amazes me with her words of wisdom, her patience and her kindness...she gets it from her mom. Diane is the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for. She worries about me more than she needs to but I love her for it. And to think that these are only a few of the wonderful friends I have been blessed with.

Then there is Shawn. Mr. Humble Bumble. The one who makes me feel beautiful when I feel at my worst. He may not say things often to sweep me off my feet but he really doesn't have too. His patience, his kindness, his actions and his love for me make me feel like I am flying. The way he talks to me, so soft spoken, so honest, so caring and understanding, I never thought a man could be that least all of the time. Then his creativity, his imagination, his goals...ahhh...he amazes me every single day. He has a passion for learning and growing in every aspect of life. Yes he gives me backrubs without me asking, he is always holding my hand, he is always complimenting me....and I do the same for him. The man even enjoys cleaning..??? We do have a lot in common but we also have a lot of differences as well. We respect each other and our differences and find a way to compromise without arguing.

One thing I love about Shawn most is that he loves the simple things in life. He loves nature, animals, being outdoors, finding hidden treasures in the woods and in the sand, music, children, other people's creativity...just to name a few. He does not need much to make him happy. And, either do I. It is nice to know that we can be happy with very little material things. What makes it even better is that we feel like we have so much with what little we have. I feel like singing that Beatles song, "Love is all You Need".

The love I have for the wonderful people in my life is what keeps me on the Love Frequency. I focus on how much love I feel for everyone and I feel higher than a kite. "Love is not weak, feeble, or soft. Love is the positive force of life! Love is the cause of everything positive and good." The Power by Rhonda Byrne

What I am thankful for today:
My amazing friends and their everlasting friendships
My relationship with Shawn
My children
My family
The Secret
The Power
My pets
Magical moments
True Love