Friday, March 6, 2009

The beauty of nature

Well, the week is almost over. I am so excited about Day Light Savings this Sunday. For anyone who knows me, they know I love the daylight and the warmer weather. There are times I feel like I suffer from SAD. Because I have been so busy with my business, I have not really been bothered by the winter this year. Thank goodness.

When I went outside today to go to my car, there were buds peaking out from my flower beds. I was sooooo happy! I have a major passion for flowers and gardening. I feel very at peace when I am in my garden. I cannot wait for the time to come where I can get out there and start playing in the mud. Makenna even has her own gardening tools. She loves to help me. Gavin has a passion for growing things. He loves to plant seeds and see what it becomes. Now that he is a little older he is much more patient. I remember him going out to his garden every single day to see if his little seed had become something. When that little tiny green would peek out of the ground he would jump up and down. Now that he is old enough to water his garden, he loves to take care of what he plants and it seems to make the time go faster for him.

The fact that my children love nature so much, means so much to me. Makenna will peak out the window in search of a sunset. What is cute is at first she would call it a tea set. LOL! At my store there is a window with a perfect view of the sunset. When she or I start to see that bright sun turning orange and going down, we make a point to go look at it. She always says how beautiful it is. A three year old that thinks a sunset is amazing, is an awesome thing.

Gavin is the one who has to make homes for the caterpillars, which is what I used to do. He cracks me up. He loves to take care of things. Gavin has always been like that. I ran over a dandelion that he 'planted' on the side of the house with the lawn mower when he was 3 and he cried FOREVER. Do you know that he actually still remembers that. That is how upset he was. I had to drive him to a florist and buy him a new plant. All of this over a weed. Little did he know what it was. I knew it was a weed but to him it was a beautiful flower.

I want my children to appreciate all that God has created for us. I want them to take care of the earth just as I want them to also be respectful of it. If you really take a look around, there are so many things we take for granted. The changing of the leaves, the pure white of the snow, the rainbows that come after a bad storm, the sunset at the end of a tiring day, and so on. I know my children will appreciate nature because of how I appreciate it. We need to learn that nature is one of the largest most beautiful things that was created for us to enjoy. And yet, it is actually one of the most simplest things to be thankful for.
Tonight I am thankful for:

Nature and all of it's beauty
The fact that my children are so appreciative of it at such a young age
My class tomorrow
The buds in my flower garden
The sun and its warmth
my health