Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Forever Friend

How excited am I right now? Not only did I have yet another fabulous session at The Healing Place today but my bestest friend in the world has moved back to the Lehigh Valley! I cannot express how happy I am to have Jamie close by. My therapist calls Jamie and I Soul Sisters. We act as one person. God has blessed us both by putting us together through our lives journey. We talk or email almost every single day. We end our conversations and emails with, "I love you." Not many are as blessed with such a wonderful friendship as we are. We have had our ups and downs, but we always come out on top. Our friendship continues to grow stronger with each passing day. It is amazing to me that we can read each other's minds, finish each others sentences, feel each other's feelings, sense when something is wrong. We share in each others excitement, cry with each other when we are sad, vent with each other when we are angry. We are each others cheerleader, confidant, therapist, angels here on earth.

Here is another poem that Jamie wrote to me:
A Forever Friend
How I wish my words could say
just what you mean to me today.
The love, support, and care we give
helps us both to better live.
Always there for you, I swear,
nothing could not keep me there.
No matter what the future brings,
you and I remain all things.
A forever friend in you I've found
to be with me til life goes down.

I dedicate this poem A Forever Friend to you Amy my best friend. With love forever and always,

What I am thankful for today:
our everlasting friendship
her only being 15 minutes away!!
unconditional love
silly moments
wonderful memories
my friends
The Healing Place
Diane for watching Makenna and taking me to my appointment
Jen for walking with me in the wind and leaves this morning (hopefully you will not get hit with anymore acorns....LOL!)
my peaceful mind
a great conversation with Jenny yesterday
new PartyLite products
hot tea
the colorful leaves
Tiramisu (thank you Rudy for taking out Mak and I yesterday!)
clean laundry
clean bathrooms
my abundance of time and energy
my health and the health of my loved ones