Saturday, May 28, 2011

Show me the Money!!

Talk about God bringing into your life the people you need to achieve your dreams!!! Today a woman walked into the store who owns the counseling office down the street. Before she left I was compelled to ask her if she knew what I would need to do to become a Life Coach. Here, she has one of her own who she sees on a regular basis. She is getting me her name and number so that I can find out where she received her training. WHOOOO HOOOOO! So excited that this is coming together so much faster than I could have ever imagined! Once I start my new job...probably next week...I will be saving money for lots of upcoming events and things I could really use; schooling, a newer vehicle, and mini beach vacations.

I may have gone months maybe even years without buying new stuff for myself and through it I have learned to live and appreciate what I have. I used my money for top priority items only and stopped wasting it on fast food and lots of clothing with sneakers being the only thing I bought for myself when they wore out. I will work for what I want, even if the pay isn't the greatest. I knew my time was coming to actually make some decent money and use it to further my education and save for the future. The time is NOW! It is written in the stars and I am willing to do what it takes!! So, bring on the money baby! I am ready to work!

I completed my 5x5 Summer Mini Album today....I love it! I am teaching this class in July at the store. So excited to get back into teaching.
Walking Diego this morning I started to think of my grandmother. The vision of walking into her house right after she passed just popped into my head. I was so disappointed that almost the entire family was present when she passed and I wasn't. I know...selfish me. As I was thinking this a cardinal made an appearance....but it was only one. I thought, "How awesome would it be for her to show me now as I am thinking about her that she is with me?" A few blocks later another cardinal made an appearance in the grass next to me. Of course I keep looking for cardinal #2. The cardinal flew off into a tree across the street. Before I could blink another cardinal flew into the same tree and met with the first one. The tears just started rolling down my face as I thanked her and expressed how much I miss her. I told her that I know I will see her again but it will be so much faster in time for her then it would for me. It made me so happy that she came through for me once again. I hope she never gets tired of it.

What I am thankful for today:
the unconditional love my grandmother gave to me
my children
meeting with Pastor tomorrow
my pets
my family
new customers
my awesome, amazing, fabulous friends!!
The Center
my blogs
the sun
new Stampin Up! stuff for the store
new retail that Erika just got for the store...cannot wait!!
teaching again
time with my friends and family
ice water
the gym
clean sheets
flowers flowers everywhere!
my new Active 2 KNECT game
my clothes being too big!!
spiritual growth
knowing that negativity is a waste of energy
trust honesty
my health
my new music on my MP3 player (thank you Jennifer)
the power to change your mood