Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Bye Energy Vampires!

Good Morning World! I may be a little out of it today due to too much sleep....can't believe I fell asleep before 11pm! My body is not used to it. Today, I am going to bask in the feeling of happiness. I will concentrate on the things I am thankful for. I am going to stay away from the "Energy Vampires" so Robin calls them, the negative people who try their hardest to come off as positive (although deep in their souls they are miserable). The ones who suck us dry of our energy with their neediness. They tend to latch on to positive people in hopes that we can fix them. They seem to dwell in their past and blame their present situation is due to their past experiences. Well we all know that as adults we can change anything. Change your feelings about a situation, get over the haunting bad memories, and move on. Thankfully I have gotten rid of my "Energy Vampires." Throughout my life, there has been many. My personality of 'care taker' just wants to make everyone happy. With energy vampires, it doesn't work. Although they are not a prominent part of my life, they still seem to creep up, even in the most positive of places. And you know what, that is totally fine. My hopes for them is that they are truly healed from within and continue to surround themselves with only positive. I pray for them. I also pray that God keeps them away from me. I am such a better person without them. The weight of their negative anchor just makes it harder for me to live a happy, more fulfilling life. So while they may think it is my loss....they are so right. And, I would not want it any other way. I had to lose the energy vampires!

Today I am so thankful for so many things but I will narrow it down:
my kids
Gavin having a great morning so far
the sun (which just peeked through the clouds)
my new job
my parents
my kitties
positive people
my store
Jamie (please pray for her)
a great day today!
the gym
the rain
my sneakers
my bed