Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Big News

Well here it goes.....I received permission tonight that I am allowed to announce the news that I am soooo happy about. I am not allowed to post it on facebook but I can write it in my blog......My bestest friend in the entire world is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie and Marke have been trying for a while now and finally Baby Wismer is on it's way!! I screamed...I cried a little..... and I screamed some more. I think I may have even jumped up and down a bit....LOL!

Jamie is honestly the best friend anyone could ever ask for. No matter how much I change, no matter what choices I make, she only grows with me. She has always been there every step of the way. Jamie has never judged me and always allows me to go through life lessons staying by my side. She may not always agree with what I do but she knows that this is a lesson I have to learn. She knows when to keep her distance and she knows when to embrace the moments we have together. She knows what I need and when I need it without me saying a word. God brought us together to help make each others lives better. We know that we will be little old ladies and still best friends.....and I would not want to be in a nursing home with any other person. LOL!

I cannot wait to start this new venture with her. I will be by her side as long as she needs/wants me to be during the pregnancy and I will be holding her hand during the labor and crying with her after the birth. Love you so much best friend.

What I am thankful for today:
Jamie and Marke
Baby Wismer
baby stuff!!
Rachel and her brother for making me laugh these last two days.
the chance to take Clara to the shelter tonight with Makenna
Kitty Travolta in his Gap shirt (picture coming soon)
kitty kisses
free gym membership
my new volunteer t-shirt from Laura
Zoe and Chloe who are laying with me now (one on each side)
my kids
my friends
my family
Jeremy's mom
jeep being fixed, again
working in my flower beds today
quality time with Makenna outside today
working at the shelter tonight with Christine
Diane for allowing me to borrow her car again
the Chocoholic's Crop tomorrow night!
time to scrapbook and make some cards
the power of prayer
my health