Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I have been up too..

I guess we are all entitled do a period of feeling tired and overwhelemed, right? Well that is me right now. For all you Moms who have delt with a child who gets up in the night you know where I am coming from. Makenna has had these terrible nightmares for the last two weeks. By 3-4am she is in my bed. I used to be able to sleep through her getting up. However now she is waking me up so that she can wrap her arms around my neck or 'hug my arm' as she puts it. Jeremy and I had a chat with Makenna and Gavin about strangers. Since then, she has not slept through the night. We have to continually check to make sure the doors are locked and check all the rooms of the house to show her that there are no strangers here. Jeremy didn't realize that his way of explaining strangers may not have been the best for a 3 year olds ears. How Mommy ends up taking the heat, I have no clue. Basically it has been two weeks of interupted sleep for me. Lately it takes me 15 minutes to calm her down just to get her back to sleep. Then, I have to work on getting myself back to sleep.

Working out has been so tough when one is sleepy and feeling very fatigued. I have managed to make it through the EA Sports workout 3 times a week. If I get tired, I just stop. The option of taking a nap is looking better and better for me although I have never been a napper. And, it is very difficult to nap with a 3 year old who sometimes is very independent then others very needy.

Here is what I have got going on.....
I am pretty sure that I start the gym next Wednesday. I am excited to start working out there, meet new people and spend one on one time playing with Makenna. Today I met with a Creative Memories Consultant who will be active in my store sometime in March. My classes have been filling up and I have met a huge circle of wonderful women.

It was Silly Sunday at church this past Sunday. Jokes were told, silly heart hats were worn, we took a Valentine's Day trivia, and there was a chili cook-off. It was a lot of fun. Makenna makes herself right at home there.

During a church meeting with the education board, I decided to take over the responsibilty of the Youth Group from 4th-7th grade. I am currently looking into changing the Youth room to be more inviting to the children as well as coming up with a good name for the group. There is a potential sleep over at the church on March 20th which is when we will kick off the start. Game night is going to be the theme. My youth group, Animation, is getting together and planning a 20 reunion for sometime next spring. Somehow I managed to be in charge of that too.

Gavin will be 10 on Wednesday....I cannot even believe it. Josh is sleeping over this coming Saturday night then the small party will be on Sunday. I think Makenna is more excited then Gavin is. This year he hardly asked for anything. I think he is growing up way too fast....at least for me. It is hard to believe that Makenna will be 4. Time sure does fly.

What I am thankful for today:
my children
Chloe who is currently sleeping wrapped around my neck
new customers
new teachers
my friends (old and new)
my family
my store
4-wheel drive
cheese nips
my health
open minds
positive attitudes