Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A WOW Day!

Today was a WOW Day! Wow, what the power of positivity can do! Wow, I beat my court case against the mean cop and am getting my money back. Wow, I actually managed to find inexpensive clothes at the Boutique to wear to work out in. Wow, gas came down to $3.75 per gallon! Wow, my lilies are blooming! Wow, my kids are in a great mood. Wow, I feel great and lost 1 more pound! Wow, Gavin's doctor doesn't want to see him again until the fall! Wow, I have amazing friends....some far, some close, some I have never personally met. Wow, I start my third job on Monday!! Wow, I actually got to take my kids out to dinner for the first time by myself! Wow, the life coach in Bethlehem emailed me and wants to help me with my new venture....

Today was awesome. There is so much I could be ungrateful for but what is the use? It makes me feel bad to think about it and it doesn't change the situation. So, I am heading to bed still in awe from the day. First I am watching some new episodes of Ghost Hunters...WOW! NEW EPISODES! Another thing to be thankful for!! Good night world...I look forward to tomorrow.