Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today started with me being able to sleep in. I guess 8am is sleeping in, right? LOL! Makenna did wake me up at 6:45 but I managed to get her to allow me to sleep longer. Jeremy and Makenna took me to Puffins Cafe' for breakfast and we ate really well. Next stop was Neighbors so that I could pick out flowers for the yard and Makenna could pick out flowers for Nannie and Grammy. The choice of flowers were Poppies. My mom and Linda loved them. For myself, I chose petunias, snap dragons, ivy, and impatience. While I was working in the gardens and cleaning the house Jeremy made a huge dinner. We had corn on the cob, potatoes, pork tenderloin and salad. Everything (besides the salad) was cooked on the grill. It was all sooooo yummy!

My mom and Linda loved their gifts. My mom actually cried. I am so glad the albums came out so nice. They raved about the cards too. Makenna was all about taking pictures today. So here is what we have...

My evening was not so great but I am trying very hard to focus on the great day I had. I love spending time with my mom and Linda. I am so grateful that they are so appreciative of all we did for them. I am so thankful that Jeremy is so giving and teaching Makenna to be the same way. He really made my day special.

What I am thankful for today:
time with my family
my friends
breakfast this morning
my kids
all my new flowers
my neighbors
time to work in the garden today
a clean house
submissions for the HIS blog already
an awesome dinner tonight and I didn't have to cook it!
my cardinal figurines for the garden
working out tomorrow
being a size 8 on the way to a 6!!
the beautiful day today
Makenna's smiles and hugs
my mom and her concern for me
my pets
The Center